Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Happiness is...

Making me happy this sunny (can you believe there are endless blue skies in Sydney today?) Tuesday is:

These pretty gardenias my mum brought me (with the hydrangeas from my garden).

These '50s cat-eye sunglasses I've been looking for for ages.
I also found the most perfect retro swimmers ever.

My super soft, green grass. The benefit of all this rain.

The Christmas tree and stockings we put up this morning (the tree has already been knocked over twice)

What's making you happy this Tuesday?


  1. My fridge dies not beep beep anymore xo

  2. Love your lawn looks so lush and soft.

    (((( Hugs ))))

  3. How gorgeous is your tree?! And you mom sounds like such the gem. Gardenias now. Can I share her please? x

  4. Reading this post made me happy.

  5. After 6 days of rising at 3am sleeping until 7:30 this morning {yawn}!


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