Tuesday 14 December 2010

It's a beautiful day.... or is it?

Five am, Monday December 13, 2010. I sit in a dimly lit hospital room, holding my littlest girl's hand as a multitude of wires and probes are removed from her tiny head and body.

Sixteen hours later. Nine pm, Monday December 13, 2010. I sit in a stadium filled with more lights than New York City. I hold Skip's hand as U2 appear on a space probe amongst a multitude a wires and cables.

Monday December 13, 2010. The longest, most surreal day I can remember.

The day started as I said, with Goose waking after spending the night in hospital having some tests done. Me on a fold-out chair next to her. Sleep non-existent. Both of us weary, yawning and over it. Free from the wires, Goose and I drove home as the sun was rising over the gum trees, magnificent golden yellows and oranges. "My sun!" Goose yelled.

The rest of the day was a blur. Desperately trying to keep my eyes open and function like a normal Monday morning. Fragile from no sleep. Fragile from the emotion of seeing my little one distressed, despite knowing that she was totally fine.

All day, a slightly sick feeling in my stomach. Just wanting to crawl in my bed and pull the covers up over my head.

I have wanted to see U2 for about 16 years. I had tickets to the 2006 show, but I also had a two-week-old baby. My date with Bono would have to wait. Then the day arrived, Monday December 13, 2010. It was finally here. I didn't feel like going. So many times during the day I thought "I can't go". I looked at the clock, thinking it must be about 4pm, it was 10am. This day was never going to end.

Finally, I was firmly planted in my seat (a really good seat). Watching the curious sight of older ladies bopping along to Jay-Z, throwing their fob-chained-wrists into the air. Then Bono and the gang took the stage. They were good, sensational really. Bono strutted in leather pants like only a rock star can. The others looked a little old and a little sad, but they rocked. It was an amazing show.

My heart just wasn't there. I'm at U2, I kept telling myself. This is amazing. It's a fantastic show. And it was. My spirit was far away. Faraway, so close.


  1. Now that is a day that truly embodies your blog title.
    I think most people would have been in a daze if they had had to spend a sleepless night sitting beside their child in hospital, let alone having to stay awake all day and THEN attend a concert.

    I was pleased to read that you fulfilled a life dream though and you've got to admit that on the 13.12.11 you will be able to clearly remember exactly what you did on that day a year before!

    Felicity x

  2. Oh, Honey! What a stressful ordeal you've been through. And to have too such massive events on the same day would have been hard to bear, for your brain to process.

    I *get* the whole U2 thing, having been a huge fan since 1982. I was newly pregnant when we saw them in Sydney in 2006 and struggled to completely be *in the moment*. Nothing like your experience, though.

    But more importantly, what was going on in hosopital? Maybe I've missed something. Was it a sleep study (been there) or something more drastic? J x

  3. oh love...I totally get it! take care of yourself and your sleepy girl...xx

  4. You know what, those rockers are not going away and one day you will take your little girl to see them. With some sleep under your belt.x

  5. Urgh...Corinne! Hope today has been much brighter for you. And I agree - there will be another time. Am SURE of it!

  6. Oh no! I know how excited you were to be going?!

    What happened to little miss? Is she ok now?

    I'm sure U2 will tour again before they retire. I'm counting on it, considering I couldn't go last night.

    Hugs xxx

  7. My gosh, what an ordeal!

    U2 have been going for a long time - and I bet they will be going for a long time to come! (As I write this, I am watching GLEE and they are singing "One"....no joke!spooky!)

    Like Mrs Woog said, one day you can take your little girl along with you to see them and you can really enjoy it.

    Wishing you some sleep....Gill xo

  8. What a beautiful post about a stressful day. I hope things get better!


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