Friday 31 December 2010

So long 2010

Wowsers, so that was 2010. Not the best of times, not the worst of times. Certainly could be a whole lot better though. 2010 was the year of trying to find my equilibrium. More than a few times I felt like I was off course, rattled and not quite stable. I'm happy to stay that I'm starting 2011 feeling a lot more confident and stable about where I'm heading. 2011 is going to be a major year I feel, but more of that tomorrow. 

Today, I'm going to reminisce about the year that has gone. I'm in too much of a happy holiday mood to get too deep, so here's the light and fluffy of 2010....

Best trip
This is a tie. Funnily enough both trips were to the same place, staying in the same room. 1) was a trip away with my family. My brother and his family returned from Vietnam so we took a week away to hang out and have fun. And fun we did have. It was great! 2) was a weekend back at the same south coast locale with Skip and the girls for a long weekend. It was so relaxing and we found a place that really felt like home.

Best restaurant 
2009 was the year of fine dining, 2010 was the year of comfort eating. My favourite would have to be Milk & Honey in Mullumbimby while on holidays. The BEST pizza ever. We had two fantastic meals here after super fun days. The girls enjoyed it. We enjoyed it. Simply magnificent memories.

In saying that we also ate at Quay and it was pretty delicious, but not as fun.

TV show
No doubt. Mad Men. It's been my 2010 obsession. I love it!

Night out

A recent day at the races that turned into drinks that turned into dinner that turned into cocktails. It was actually quite civilised and a whole lot of fun. Also, my New Year's Eve Eve Eve.


BabyMac, not only is she a friend but she's had the most incredible year and incredible blog. It's been fantastic to share it all with her.

Something that made me grow this year.
I think this year I realised that no matter what life throws at me I'll survive. I found a survival instinct deep inside I never knew existed, so I'm now less fearful.

The best place.
Berry. We've had a few weekends away in and around Berry and I adore it. Gorgeous countryside and great food. What else do you need?


Pork. I have eaten so much pork this year.

The best change I made to my home
Landscaping my backyard. I love it. It's a little oasis for all of us.

Word or phrase
'That's just how I roll.' I nervously said this at a funeral and within minutes everyone around me was saying it. Was one of those surreal moments in life.

Car ride.
Driving from Brunswick Heads to Sydney. 11 hours. My girls truly impressed me with how well they handled it.


Trivial Pursuit. I love it. Skip loathes it. But he bought it for me and will even play with me on occasion.

My epiphany of the year.

See 'something that made me grow' above.


My kids, they have done so many ridiculously funny things this year. Also my 19-year-old brother-in-law doing a nudie run while we were on holidays as part of a dare.

Happy New Year, everyone. Thanks so much for reading and being part of my little blog. Your comments truly make my day and I appreciate and love each and every one of them. This blog has been one of the highlights of my year and it's all of you who read it who help make it that way. So, thank you.

Be safe and have a fantastic night where ever you are. x

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  1. Love this blog :o) I too feel the same about 2010 and the upcoming 2011, may it be our best yet!!
    Have a great night seeing in 2011 xo

  2. Happy New Year sweets! Wishing you the best in 2011. Raises glass and toasts survival instincts. Clink, clink. xx

  3. Hello! Seems like it's been a very busy year for you. Happy New year! xx

  4. Wishing you a happy new year, may all of your hopes and dreams for 2011 come true.

  5. Happy New Year too m'lady! Thanks for the best blog...I feel like I should give an acceptance speech or something! Here's the 2011 being filled with good nights sleeps, more pork, one hell of a boozy lunch with PPMJ and myself, a fabulous blogging conference and somehow us finding our 'groove' in something. Surely it's our year?! See you soon x

  6. Love your work (and BabyMac as well) Look forward to some more delicious reading from you in 2011. Love Mrs Woog xox

  7. Happy New Year!!

  8. Hurrah - here's to a splendid 2011 (splendid's my new word - replacing fabulous...) xx


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