Friday 10 December 2010

Uneasy like Friday morning

I have been haunted all week by this feeling of uneasiness. You know, that sick feeling in your stomach when something is about to/or is going wrong. There's no particular reason for it. Everything seems to be going along honky dory.

It's made me edgy, cranky and not particularly pleasant. I really wish it would just rack off.

To add to my anxiety, I have a completely action-packed weekend, filled to the brim, not a minute spare. Not bad stuff, in fact most of it's good stuff, just a lot of it, which means a lot of juggling. A lot of racing here and racing there. Picking up here and dropping off there. Me stressing, kids stressing. There's going to be more logistics required than for the Oprah entourage. I'm just going to have to relax, let the rip take me out and know that I'll be back on the shore eventually.

Lil-lil and I need to be at her ballet class early tomorrow morning to prepare. Before then I'll have had to dress and make myself up for the big day, pack numerous bags for the girls and myself.

Straight after the ballet rehearsals and then the big concert, Skip and I will dash to the track where we're hosting a table of friends for a birthday celebration. A day at the races, then dinner out.

Sunday, up early again, to pick up the girls from Skip's mum and then off to a brunch picnic to celebrate my mum's birthday. Then in the afternoon, off to the other side of town for another birthday BBQ. Then dash back to mum's to drop off Lil-lil for the night, while Goosey and I head off to have her incredible snoring checked.  Phew.

It doesn't end there.... Cause Monday brings U2 and another week of stuff. None of this is Christmas related (still haven't been to a Chrissy do yet) but it's busy, busy, busy. Skip is even busier with Chrissy lunches, parties, soirees, etc. I'm making my head spin just thinking about it.

Deep breath and away we go....


  1. Sometimes I love being busy darting here & there with hubby but sometimes I breather is just as good.

    At the moment we are gearing up for the breather stage as hubby starts holidays next Friday afternoon.

    (((( Hugs ))))

  2. It sounds like Santa should be delivering an early package of roller-skates to your house to help you keep up with all the comings and goings.

    Your list of 'to dos' actually sounds fairly fantastic. I hope that you enjoy all the loveliness sandwiched in amongst the busy-ness.

    Felicity x

  3. No wonder you're anxious - there's a lot of new stuff in there that's untested. But of course you'll get through it all, just remember to stop and enjoy each moment. xx

  4. It's the busiest time of year, isn't it!

    I feel your anxiety hun.

    Take a few minutes today for yourself. Breathing, positive thinking, positive affirmations...

    And try and enjoy the weekend. Hope the concert goes well!

  5. hearing all that made me anxious too! that is alot on your plate and i guess part of our lives living in a big city! and of course everything always comes in groupings of about 10! enjoy it all and good luck to lil and gooesy...for both of their big events x

  6. Thanks peeps. Somehow writing it all out made it seem a lot more doable. And it will be fun. x

  7. They call it the silly season for a reason hey! I'm finally counting things off. Last Kinder today, last Ballet last weekend and now only one more week of school.....bring on a holiday :O)


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