Thursday 29 April 2010

Tina sparkle

Is there anything better than being a three-year-old girl? You can walk out of the house in an ensemble of fairy wings, sparkly gum boots and striped leggings and people think you look gorgeous.

For my three-year-old, everything must be sparkly at the moment. I have to say I'm happy to indulge her, cause she's at an age when you can were sequins to the park and people won't bat an eyelid. Plus I can live vicariously through her!

She has a pair of silver sequined ballet flats which she has worn to almost death and they're only three weeks old! So, today we went on a mission to buy her some sneakers – you know something sensible to climb with at the playground. She spotted a pair of sequinned Dunlop Volleys and it was love. Gorgeous? Yes! Sensible? No. But, who was I to deny her? If they had sequined Dunlop Volleys when I was three I would have begged and pleaded too. Another woman in the shop exclaimed: "Oh, if I only I could get away with wearing those!" and I had to agree.

I remember when I was three I desperately wanted a Wonder Woman suit, I vowed that I'd get one when I was old enough. Alas, what happened? The black widow look hit me in my teens, which I teamed with Doc Martin boots. Now, how I wished I had that Wonder Woman suit.

So, this is why Lil-lil will sparkle at the park in her sequins. At least until she hits 14 and decides to trade them in for a pair of cherry 12-hole Doc Martins.


  1. Gorgeous! Don't forget the 3 year old boys that get to swan about town in superheroe outfits making their dads jealous!

    oh to be a kid again....

  2. I enjoyed the "Princess/Fairy" time when my daughter was younger. Spoil her and indulge in all the sparkles!

  3. Isn't it fantastic! Chloe (also 3) does the same - this morning we had black leggings, tutu, wings, handbag, wand , striped top & gumboots - oh I hope they keep this individuality!

  4. ADORABLE! I can't wait until my little girl starts getting into all this stuff. I'm already buying things and putting them away for her.

  5. Nice post. So want to be a kid again!

  6. I'm pretty sure that Girl Child (6) would almost kill for those shoes. Thankfully she wasn't in the room while that pic was up.


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