Sunday 11 April 2010

An egg-cellent start to the day

Yesterday morning, the four of us were lying in bed rejoicing in the fact that it was Saturday morning. Skip was headed to the races, Lil-lil and I had a date at the movies planned and Goosey was to spend quality time with Grandma.

Skip commented on how it would be nice to have eggs for breakfast. Soon after Lil-lil slipped out to the lounge room followed by her shadow Goosey. Skip and I had a strange conversation about whose DNA had more farming ability which was interrupted by Goosey standing at the door with something in her hand. In the 6am light, it looked a little like a half-eaten Easter egg. 'Oh no' I thought, they've got into the Easter stash and they'll be chocolate everywhere.

On closer inspection, Goosey was indeed grasping an egg – a real chicken's egg. Cracked shell with the white and yolk running over her hands.

We went out to the kitchen where Lil-lil was proudly standing with breakfast for her dad. A green plate with an egg she'd 'scrambled' with a fork. Shame it was still raw. "I made a special breakfast for Daddy, all by myself. I cracked the egg and mixed it with a fork." I have never seen her so proud of herself.

Skip declared it the best breakfast that anyone had ever made him, and I had to agree with him. It was such a lovely moment and gesture. It was worth every moment spent mopping up raw egg off the floor, to see father and daughter so happy with each other. It makes you realise that you must be doing something right to have a little girl who is so thoughtful.

Hope you all have an egg-cellent weekend too.


  1. Awwww... that is so cute.. I loved the line you have written- You must be doing something right..... Beautiful

  2. only because I am beyond tired at the moment but this story made me well up ... thanks lovely x

  3. Love it when kids do stuff like that. Makes ya proud don't it Mama? =)

  4. That is SO CUTE!!! That's a product of good parenting!! :D


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