Thursday 15 April 2010

Decision time

I have one terrible flaw – well one among many if the truth be told. But this one flaw I'm speaking of is really being tested at the moment.

I'm totally hopeless at making decisions. I mean really hopeless. Give me a menu and I'll stare at it for hours, unable to decide what to eat. Ask me if I want tea or coffee and I'll ummm and ahhh and usually say: "Tea. I mean coffee. No, tea. Ohhh whatever is easiest to make." Ask me what I want to do today and I'll reply with: "I dunno. What do you want to do?" It drives everyone around me batty, especially poor Skip.

At the moment, I have a few large men in my backyard digging and lugging heavy stuff and banging and crashing. They are creating my wonderful new garden oasis. The problem? I'm constantly being asked questions. Do I want a curved or straight garden bed? Flat or raised edge? What type of plants? Usually these questions are answered with: "Ummmm what do you think?"

I'm dreading coming home at the moment as I know I'll be bombarded with new decisions to make.

Making decisions is something I've always been terrible at. As a kid I used to read 'Choose your own adventure' books and get myself in such a muddle as I'd try and read both choices at the same time. Suffice to say it didn't work, I would have to make a decision in the end.

Maybe this is why I'm a terrible shopper, just another activity the involves decision making. Perhaps this is why I enjoy degustation and alternate menus - decisions are all made for you.

Hmmmm maybe I should have had a career in the army, where I could have been told what to do everyday.

Do you relish making decisions? Or are you more like me and dread it?


  1. Being the overbearing type A person I am, I will be more than happy to make the decision.
    If I know I need another's input and they are stalling, and I am trying not to step on toes, I will go completely mad from the indecision...
    Mad I tell you!!

  2. I'm a rapid decision-maker. Now. I used to be dreadful, but I've realised that going with my first, immediate gut reaction is best. Except with food - I tend to order last so I have something different to everyone else {well, aside from last night}. I also think that most things can be changed. Rooms can be painted, plants moved...

  3. I am okay at this business of making decisions. Uncertainty freaks me out. So i would rather decide than go bonkers

  4. I am quick and sure when it comes to my own individual choices and decisions.....but if it has to be consulatative (as it generally does in a family of five) then I am crap. Whatever. You choose.

  5. I'm ok with decisions, but just ok. Or, maybe I'm not. I don't know. But, your post made me think of how I get really annoyed with questions. I don't like people asking, "What's for dinner," or "Where's the cereal," or "Who is that memorial dedicated to?" I don't like being bothered with details. It's like - find out yourself. That makes me sound really gruff, which I like to think that I am not, but I think maybe I am sometimes.


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