Monday 12 April 2010


Is there anything better in this world than a good cup of tea? A good cup of tea can be a moment of peace and meditation. A good cup of tea can be the catalyst to a wonderful conversation. A good cup of tea can refresh the soul and warm the body.

Like a lot of people, I was introduced to tea by my grandmother. I think she used to drink about a million cups of the stuff a day. Always made in the pot, with a cosy, the proper way. Sitting and drinking tea with her started my love affair with the stuff. Served at her table with scones, biscuits or cakes, it was always wonderful. I love coffee and often drink it more than tea, but to me, tea is a lot more special.

I often drink tea while I write or work. It makes me more productive for some reason. I also love a hot cup of tea on a really hot day, it's super refreshing. When Skip and I travelled around Australia and lived in a tent for around a year, we drank tea every morning (as it's damn near impossible to get good coffee in the outback) and it was a fab start to the day.

My most poignant tea memory is making a pot of tea for myself at my  Grandma's house. She was dying of osphegeal cancer and wasn't eating or drinking much. She hadn't had tea for a while and people had stopped asking her. I felt sad because it was such a ritual for her (and for my time with her). I asked if she would like a cup, she perked up and said 'Yes'. She savoured every drop and for the first time during my stay with her, seemed a little contented. For the rest of her life I think she lived on tea, with her pain medication being slipped into as well as she refused to take it otherwise.

Tea is a common denominator. No matter where you go in the world you can find some variation on tea, which I love. No matter how different we are, we all love tea. No wonder wars have been fought over the stuff. Cheers!


  1. So true! As soon as I sit down with a cup of tea, I feel relaxed. Maybe because I have to wait for it to cool a bit and can't just guzzle it down - it forces me to slow down too! It's so lovely that you have such an emotional connection to your grandmother through tea, hopefully you can be reminded of her whenever you feel like it!

  2. I love tea also :) I especially like making my own iced tea - so tasty and refreshing in summer

  3. beautiful writing so warm and lovely. I was there with you and your nana... I LOVE tea and always have 3 cups every morning! Never coffee only tea..even when travelling x

  4. Oh! Well i dunno.... I still drink Bournvita... LOL.
    But it must be good....

  5. Love your story abt you and your Grandmother. It made me teary-eyed for a minute there. I make chamomile or peppermint for my nieces when they come over. They just love it and ask for it every time they come over. That's our little bonding ritual. I <3 tea.

  6. Tea is a total comfort drink for me. It's like an old friend...

  7. Loved the story about your grandmother.
    We still do the tea ritual with the teapot (and cosy) and the good china cups.
    I just got sent some lovely Chai tea, might go and make a pot. :)

  8. Oh Corinne! I have so many beautiful memories of tea with my nana. She died of osophogeal cancer also. Tea is wonderful whatever mood I'm in.


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