Thursday 8 April 2010

Splutter, splutter, splutter

I feel like the petrol tank is empty at the moment and I'm just running on fumes.

I think the time has come to take some time for myself, fill up the tank and then hopefully I can start running a bit better again. If not I may be on the side of the road unable to move anywhere.

The biggest problem is finding the right petrol station and then working out what is the best fuel to use.

How do you recharge your batteries? Get yourself running efficiently?


  1. My body normally has to have a breakdown of some description to get me to stop (flu, migraine etc) but I'm trying to ensure I do at least one thing for me per day. Ideally a daily walk - clears my head and makes me feel ever-so-virtuous!

  2. I seriously want to go on a solo trip somewhere for a few days. Ideally I'd love to leave on a jet plane and zoom off to Tokyo for a week and hang out looking for tanuki and shopping but I'll take what I can get, which probably means I'll be much closer to home. I think that would be the ticket to truly clearing out the blah!

    Alternatively, an afternoon/evening at the cinema (something about going to the movies or a restaurant alone that I absolutely love, makes me feel way better) or a walk alone between Bondi and Bronte?

  3. Ah Corinne. This is a fine question you pose. As you know been through the mill myself lately and thankyou for your wonderful support. For me recharging means getting outside, moving it, walking, running, exercising - actually writing helps me make sense of my world, deal with stuff and move on, recharge, though sometimes I need more than that. Ideally I'd go to that little bush cottage you had on your post yesterday!! Back to nature is something I need to do more in order to refill the tank.
    I hope you can refill it soon xx

  4. Top ideas!

    Sarah - a solo trip to Japan sounds incredible!!
    I think I may take in a movie by myself this weekend - I love going to the flicks by myself, Skip thinks I'm very weird for this.

    Sharni - If you can get an escape, the place I posted about was Mill Paddock in Bilpin. If you can get there I highly recommend it!

  5. Yoga and meditation do wonders for recharging my batteries. Actually, if I try and keep these activities up, the batteries keep going. Walking is also good! Good Luck and I hope you are recharged now ^_^!


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