Thursday 22 April 2010

10 in 2010 update

Well I thought it was about time I should revisit my 10 in 2010 and see how I'm going.

1) Eat healthy and drink less (or not at all). I'm not eating super healthy (though I generally do eat pretty well anyway), a little bit too much chocolate is recent weeks. I haven't had a drop of alcohol in three weeks, so that's pretty good.
2) I want exercise to be a regular part of my day (yawn... I know, I know all very boring stuff but necessary). I've been extremely slack when it comes to exercise. Definitely need a kick in the bum.
3) I want to pamper myself more - take more time out for just me; buy myself clothes; do my nails; spoil myself with a pretty bauble now and again; get my hair done regularly. Hmm have probably done better at this than this time last year, but still a lot of room for improvement.
4) Take some singing/music classes. I have been wanting to do this for so long, but now I want to find a way to make it happen. Again, have been slack. I need to find something I can afford to do. It's all a bit out of my price range.
5) Have a beach holiday with my family. I can tick this one off. We had a wonderful 10 days away up on the north coast.
6) Start a long-term saving/investment plan. Still in progress, but plans are being made.
7) Finish my backyard (it's been a project in progress for two years!) and make it a lovely place to be. This one can almost be ticked off too. My yard should be done by early next week. Hurrah!!
8) Plan an overseas holiday for 2011 - either New York or France (or both!). Hmmm this is looking pretty unlikely. I don't think it will be achieved.
9) Cook a sensational three-course French meal for Skip (doesn't really go with number 1, I know). Have been stealing wonderful ideas from Pink Patent Mary Janes. See her lemon tart here .
10) Find a wonderful dream to chase and start chasing it. This one is coming to fruition too. Definitely a few steps further on number 10, which was the most important of all the resolutions.

This is the incentive I need to get a move on the others. How are your resolutions going? Have they been long forgotten? Or already achieved?


  1. Pleased to see I'm helping you out with one of your goals!

  2. My resolution was to be consistent with exercise and I have indeed been doing just that.
    It is to the point that I feel guilty if I take a day off...

  3. Well I am more of a short goal person these days. So going at them one at a time. Long, big goals, when not achieved makes me feel bad. SO taking it slow and steady.

    Congrats on the tick off the list things... HURRAY!

  4. HI, I'm dropping in from Aussie Moms ;)

    Yes, I have just revisited the whole 'eat healthier' thing this past week. So far, 2010 has not gone very well on this whole thing. Ahem. It's a work in progress!

  5. Look at you. I think you are doing better than a lot of people *ahem* like me.
    I guess the only resolution I've kept is being better with money. The weight-loss thing? Totally out!

  6. I have been eating better for 2 weeks now! Yay, me! I need to also work on not letting stupid work drama get to me.

  7. well done toots! It sounds as though you are working towards MANY of your goals and most importantly youre conscious of what is going to make you happy and improve your life... xxx


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