Saturday 24 April 2010


Growing up I had a little picture book about Gallipoli, I just loved it. I read and re-read it, fascinated about the tales of the landing, Simpson and his donkey and the ANZACs tricky escape.

As I got older the fascination remained. I watched the movie GallipoliThe Lighthorsemen, the ANZACs mini-series. I read anything I could get my hands on about it. One day I hope to travel to Gallipoli and see the historic peninsula for myself.

I've enjoyed commemorating ANZAC day in many ways over the years  – attending the dawn service in Martin Place; playing two-up; watching the march in lots of little country towns; drinking beers at the RSL with returned servicemen and listening to their tales. This year we'll probably just make a batch of ANZAC bikkies and take a moment to remember.

As the girls get older, I'm sure we'll take them to the dawn service and tell them about their great grandfathers who fought on the Kokoda Track, in the Pacific and France. I want to help them develop understanding and respect for the day.

Lest we forget.


Click the picture to make these yummy bikkies.


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