Wednesday 7 April 2010

Bush magic

Over the Easter weekend, Skip and I went to a good friend's wedding. It was such a lovely wedding, everything went off without a hitch and the happiness in the room was sparkling. A wonderful little bonus was that as the nuptials were out of town, Skip and I got a night away in the bush.

Spending the night in a little cottage on the edge of a national park was amazing. It was so cozy, plus the fresh air and the peaceful quiet began to wash away life's stress in a matter of minutes. After a deep sleep (with no call outs from little people), we breakfasted on the verandah as parrots chirped away and wallabies hopped past.
We spent just 12 hours there but it felt like much longer.

We drove off feeling like a little magic wand had been waved over us. It's amazing how a change of scenery and a touch of nature can make such a difference.


  1. OH HOW I NEED THIS! looks gorgeous, where is that?

  2. It's called Mill Paddock. It's near Bilpin. A little piece of paradise! Def worth a visit!

  3. What a perfect little weekend away. We should all take more of those.


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