Friday 9 April 2010

If it ain't broke...

I have had a strange week, feeling a little out of the groove after Easter. After a busy time having fun, socialising and being out in the workforce recently, I decided to tackle things around the home - fixing the ceiling fan that broke (and kept us up many night sweating), finally getting a start on landscaping our back 'yard' (it's so small I'm not sure if it qualifies as a yard), getting the house painted and other domesticities. I've been looking forward to crossing things off the to-do list.

First thing Tuesday, after the long weekend, was the time scheduled to fix the fan. This broke a few weeks ago and we had a few sticky nights since where we couldn't sleep in our hot bedroom. In fact, there was a lot of yelling at said fan one particular night. I was so excited about the fan being fixed, even though the weather has gotten decidedly cool. The fan man was booked in and I was told he would arrived between 8am - 12pm – a tactic that I'm sure is employed purely to make you crazy with gratitude when the finally turn up. At 11.30am he arrived, he took one look at it and in seconds had it whirring. He turned and grunted to me "Duracell make the best batteries," and left. It seems the only thing wrong with the fan was a dead battery in the remote control... whoops!

This morning had me at our local tyre guy. We had found a screw in our tyre, so I took it off to get repaired. After dropping it off and taking the kids to a local park for an hour while he repaired it, I returned to hear "There was no puncture, I just took the screw out and it was fine. Took just a couple of minutes." There goes another morning!

I'm hoping that next week I may be able to fix some things that are actually broken.


  1. I guess we all have those kind of moments. Almost had one the other day(but my son saved me). Couldn't take the keys out of ignition (tried as I might) so I walked in to call triple A when my son runs inside with the keys. "Mom you forgot to put it in park." Tehehe.

  2. I did the EXACT same thing with ours fans. The old battery in the remote. At least I know I am not alone...

  3. I know you probably werent laughing at the time but your post made me giggle! That is something I would definitely do :)

  4. Well, thankfully both items were "fixable". Teehhee this is so something I would do.

  5. It feels sooo good to get stuff like that taken care of, but it is so annoying the time that it takes! Thanks for the follow!


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