Monday 14 December 2009

Who's the boss?

I'm probably screwing my kids up for good, but Lil-lil often asks me: "Mum, who's the boss?" I don't know where she's got this question from, I've never talked about the 'boss' unless I talk about Bruce Springsteen, which is basically never. But when they ask this question I always answer: "Tony Danza".

The obvious reply is: "Who's Tony Danza??" And I say: "Hold me closer, Tony Danza. See the headlights on the highway."

My poor children. Their mother is a lunatic.


  1. OMG you are so funny - and guess what I know exactly what you are singing - I sing the same lyrics. Hello sister! hahahaha

  2. As a mother who kept a tatruming toddler in line by threatening to sing Tragedy I know just where you're coming from...

  3. lol! As a new Mum, I didn't know any nursery rhymes (tragic I know!!) so GG's still-favourites songs are Tiny Dancer and Your Song. She even made me sing them in the middle of Big W when she was 4mths old and having a "moment".


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