Thursday 17 December 2009

Christmas shopping.... done! (Well almost)

A month ago I posted about how I was attempting to do all my Chrissy shopping online, see here. I'm happy to report back that it's been a BIG success, I've managed to do about three-quarters of my shopping over the net.

It's been so nice to browse online when I have a free moment and not have to deal with crazy car parks, manic shoppers and keeping my kids from destroying the Christmas displays at the shops. Instead packages have been arriving on my doorstep and I've been pleasantly surprised at how well I've done. I think my friends and family will appreciate the thought I've put in. Especially as a lot of the gifts I've bought aren't available at the shops anyway.

I was particularly grateful after a dash to the shops yesterday to pick up some pressies. I had a very precise mission - go to one store, pick up three shirts, pay for them and then get the hell out of there. It went off without a hitch, Lil-lil flashed herself in the store mirror while I payed and Goosey entertained herself with an Australia Post brochure. I was so pleased with my mission I stopped in a for a celebratory takeaway coffee for the car trip home. Coffee in hand, bag containing shirts slipped over my wrist, pushing pram with two toddlers with the other hand. I tripped...

Coffee didn't fly everywhere, just straight into the bag containing my purchases - three pastel coloured shirts. Well they were now three pastel, mocha patterned shirts now. After many expletives, I threw everyone in the car and thought about what I was going to do on the way home.

Once home I spent the next three hours painstakingly hand washing the shirts. Being careful not to rub too hard, not get the tags wet and praying with all my might the stains would come out. I did have one moment where I thought about taking them back to the shop and saying: "Look at this! I can't believe you sold me shirts with coffee stains all over them." But I'm a terrible liar. Anyway, by some miracle and the power of Nappy San I managed to get the shirts back to an almost-pristine state.

Next year I'm aiming for 100% online shopping!


  1. *snort* I promise I'm not laughing AT you *snorfle*, I'm laughing WITH you.

    But I am totally impressed with your online shopping success. Mine has been a total dismal failure, and as such, I am going on a SATURDAY to Robina Shopping Mall, where I will attempt to use imaginary money (the only kind I have at present) to buy gifts for approx 20 people. Watch for me on the news...

  2. I too had my first year of online shopping [except one present that I picked up at the local DVD store]. What a difference not having my blood pressure rise to dangerous levels at just missing out on a carspot and having to battle throngs of people at the centres [wondering where the hell they all come from]. If you shop smart online you can find free postage deals too! Most enjoyable!

  3. I'm done! finished today with a much less stressful ending!


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