Wednesday 2 December 2009

Santa Claus is coming

I'm loving this Santa business, greatest invention of all time! My girls are so enchanted by Christmas, each morning Lil-lil asks if it's Christmas yet. We haven't even put up the tree or decorations yet, so I can imagine the excitement levels are going to go through the roof! It's contagious too, I've started looking at the Christmas lights through the eyes of my one-year-old. I'm oohing and ahhing like an idiot and loving every minute of it. The plastic reindeer, the fake snow, the flashing lights are better than any great work of art. The incessant jangle of Jingle Bells and Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer sounds better than any great sonata. There's a special magic at Christmas that belongs only to kids, and it's wonderful to get a taste of it again.

But back to Santa, while I'm loving seeing the magic of Christmas through my girls' eyes, I'm also loving the threat of being good cause 'Santa's watching'! It's brilliant! Bad behaviour stops in an instant, the devils turn into angels for a second at least.I'm a little worried about what kind of techniques I'm going to use once the yuletide is finished. I'm guessing empty threats, pleading, yelling - all the usual suspects.

The other day I pulled out the line: 'If you don't stop doing somersaults off the lounge all you'll get is a lump of coal for Christmas'. I have no idea where this thought came from, but it produced another thought - these days a lump of coal is probably more valuable than the plastic crap we use to fill their stockings!

Hmmm, the strange thoughts I have!



  1. Ooh, I forgot about Santa threats...I'm sure they'll come in useful over the school holidays.

  2. My pre-schoolers are so excited and I'm just treasuring it. We've put up the tree and they still have to check its there every morning and when they get home from pre-school.



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