Friday 18 December 2009

The Christmas Challenge

You've trimmed the tree, wrapped the pressies, stocked the fridge, put the carols on the stereo (do people still have stereos??). You're all ready for the festive season.

I'm setting a challenge to all of you - for one tiny moment in the next week, take a moment away from the hullabaloo and do something, no matter how tiny, for someone that's not in your family. Something that will lift someone's spirits.

I'll be back next week to tell you what I've been up to.


  1. Awww. That's such a nice idea. I am completely jumping on board.

    And I just realised that we no longer have a stereo here and probably haven't for a year. Isn't that bad that I didn't notice?

    We just use i-pods and music channels on TV.

  2. here here!!! Love it rin... cant wait to hear of the next installment! Ta for the coffee and visit the other day too... very nice t'was!

  3. This is something I have been pondering alot this year, as I do most years during the chaos. I have already done the 'wishing tree' gift as we do every year, but that seems a bit too easy. I will put some thought into it and get back to you. And I'll be lurking to see your next post on it!


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