Wednesday 23 December 2009

Simply the best

For a Chrissy Eve special, I'm ripping off an idea from the lovely Miss Carly at everyone wants this.
It's a selection of 'bests' for 2009. It's been a tough, but rewarding year for me. I feel like a better person than I started the year so can't ask for much more than that. There's been a lot of great food, horse racing, sleep deprivation and kareoke. I'm planning to do a bit more of a round-up next week on NYE, but for now enjoy the best of 2009...

1) Best trip
2009 was the year of being at home for me. While the rest of my family travelled to far flung reaches, I'm remained holed up at home. Not such a bad thing, but I can't wait for my turn. Anyhoo... the best trip had to be our annual pilgrimage to Port Douglas. Who can beat tropical weather, splashing in the pool, digging at the beach, cocktails, great food and climbing 'mountains'? The only downer was missing our plane home.

2) Best restaurant moment.
This is a VERY tough one for me as I've had a truly gastronomical year. To choose from Rockpool Bar & Grill (both Sydney & Melbourne), Nobu, Bistro Vue, Osvaldo Polletti, La Grande Bouffe and, of course, the one and only Tetsuya's. As fabulous as these restaurants are my best for 2009 is a tie - the private dining room at Blancmange in Petersham for my birthday and a Sunday night dinner with my family of four at Ashfield's Shanghai Night. The first one was a wonderful evening of delicious food and good company in a gorgeous nanna-esque setting. The last one - well there is nothing better than scoffing down handmade noodles and dumplings and seeing my kids doing the same, lots of laughs and lots of mess!

3) An article that blew me away.
A story about Dr Catherine Hamlin in The Good Weekend. Dr Hamlin is an obstretrician who along with her late husband set up a hospital in Ethiopia for fistula surgery in 1959, she continues to work there today at 84 years of age. The work she has done is completely amazing! A true inspiration and hero. Click here for information about her work.

4) A book that touched me.
I love reading, but rarely get time these days. I do spend a lot of time reading to the girls, so the book that touched me is the most is... The Hungry Little Caterpillar.

5) A night out that was the best.
Going out with a new friend and chatting and laughing until way past our bedtimes. Was sooo much fun. We're such a bad influence on each other.

6.) Workshop/conference that was beneficial.
Does Tresillian count?

7) Blog of the year.
Hmmm so many blogs that I can't pick just one... a cop out, I know!

8) Moment of peace.
Being at Tresillian and discovering Goosey can sleep at night, realising that I may actually get some sleep myself at long, long, long last. Pure relief.

9) Something that made me grow this year.
It's been a huge year of growth for me. I can't pull out just one thing, it's been a combination of events, meetings and experiences that has made 2009 a tough but rewarding year.

10) Album of the year.
Elton John, Rocket Man. So not new, so not me, oh so good.

11) The best place.
Easy. Port Douglas.

12) New food.
Ocean trout, can't get enough of it.

13) The best change I made to the place I live.
Putting the girls into the same bedroom.

14) Rush of the year.
Seeing my girls cuddle and adore each other, there's nothing better in this world.

15) Best packaging.
My girls, they compassionate nature, the humour and cheekiness come in just about the cutest package around.

16) Tea of the year.
Any one that someone else made for me.

17) Word or phrase.
GFC. You can blame it for everything.

18) Where i spent most of my money this year.
Dairy Farmers - my girls drink a lot of milk.

19) Car ride.
Driving from Cairns to Port Douglas. Girls asleep and looking cute in the back, the anticipation of a holiday, spending time just being with Skip and the fabulous scenery of Far North Qld - jungle mountains cascading down to tropical water. Perfect.

20) New person.
Easy-peasy. My evil twin who I met at Tresillian.

21) Project
Project improve myself - I'm getting there slowly...

22) Business i found this year.
The cleaning company I hired. Anyone who cleans my filth is worthy of high praise.

22) Web tool.
Ummmm.... Blogger? Does that count?

24) learning experience.
My kids, they're always teaching me something new - like how many times can a child throw dirt on the washing hanging on the line before I completely lose it.

25) Gift
A night in a swanky hotel with a ginormous bath, Skip and no kids. Bliss!

26) My epiphany of the year.
That I may actually sleep again.... one day.

27) Social web moment.
Hmmm, none really.

28. Stationery.
Coles envelopes. Fancy, I know! But, really does anyone use stationery anymore??

29) Laugh.
Seeing someone fall over - sad, but true, I'm a simple girl!

30) Ad
I don't watch commercial TV at all. The only thing I really ever watch is Law & Order - ad-free double episodes on W, so never see any ads.

31) Resolution I wish I'd kept.
Losing the baby weight (still there from bub number 1! gulp).


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