Tuesday 15 December 2009

Tuning out the telly

Recently Blog This! issued a challenge for bloggers to write about their hidden talents. I loved the idea of this challenge but at the time thought: " I have so few talents that I'm always blabbering on about them, there's no room for any hidden talents."

Then yesterday I remembered that I do have a secret talent. A talent that only a few of my nearest and dearest know about. A talent so unique, so special that it deserves to be outed, deserves to have its day in the sun. I love TV theme songs. I not only love them, I have devoted a rather large section of my brain to remembering TV theme songs. If there was Who Wants to be Millionaire TV Theme Song edition, I would be a millionaire many times over. And all those people say that watching too much TV won't get you anywhere!

Theme songs are great - they're catchy, cheesy and, most importantly, pointless. They bring back so many good memories, sad but true. A lot of people think they are good at remembering TV theme songs but I find there is a simple test to weed out the rookies. Simply ask them to sing both the Family Ties theme and then the Growing Pains theme.

Here's a little bit of completely useless trivia - Alan Thicke who played Jason Seaver (the dad) in Growing Pains co-wrote the theme songs for Different Strokes and The Facts of Life. What a talented man, what a contribution he has made to popular culture.

Here are a few lines from some of my faves. Let me know if you can guess them:

1) People yakety yak a streak and waste their time of day

2) Love, life's sweetest reward. Let it flow, it floats back to you.

3) A man is born, he's a man of means. Then along come two, they got nothing but their jeans.

4) Not getting hassled, not getting hustled. Keeping your head above water. Making a wave when you can.

5) Wake up in the morning, feeling shy and lonely, gee, I gotta go to school.


  1. haha!! Me too!! Due to spending my 14th year basically stuck in bed (which we relocated to the loungeroom) after being smacked off my bike by a car, I have absorbed so many TV ads and theme songs, it's a family joke.
    Oh, Number 2 and 4 are definitely The Love Boat and Good Times. The first one might be Mr Ed?? Don't know the third, or the last though. OMG - have my powers failed me???

  2. Oooh you're good, Quix! Keep thinking and I reckon you might just the get the others.

  3. Oooh, number 3 is Different Strokes right? I think that was the easy one though.


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