Sunday 27 December 2009

Seasonal stuffing

Ham, turkey, prawns, chocolate, pressies, champagne, white wine, more ham, more turkey, red wine, salad.
Putting up trampoline on a very windy night. Putting children back to bed. Wrapping paper and more wrapping paper.
Early shrieks, little feet trotting up and down hallway, lots of laughter. Lots of jumping.
More ham, more turkey, more wine, more chocolate, trifle.
Exhaustion, bed.

Christmas done for another year. I hope your's was a good'un. Got to get back to the leftovers now...
Turkey, ham, bread...


  1. I have eaten so much pig in the last few days, it's starting to scare me. Bacon, ham, pork, ham....and more ham....

  2. Merry Christmas Corinne! Sounds like mine...... was reading your highlights of the year the other day and would LOVE any advice you could give me on the baby sleeping through the night thingy.... we have no access to Tresillian thingys out here in the One Horse Town.... anyway.
    Merry Christmas! Love to read more about how your visiting the oldies went too.

  3. Sharni, if you let me know your email addy I can give you a whole heap of information. I can't guarantee it isn't anything you've already heard before though...
    but happy to help in anyway I can!
    Merry Christmas to you too! x


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