Friday 11 December 2009

Paper work

Hi. Yesterday's (actually every day's) blog was done in a bit of a rush to get it out of my head and onto the page in the spare 20 minutes I had, so there were a few typos. I apologise. I often write without really re-reading what I've written. Dangerous, I know. Thanks for all your comments though!

I'm feeling under pressure. Earlier this year I got a great price on a subscription to the daily paper. I pay about $2 a week to have the paper delivered to my door every day. How wonderful I thought. No more traipsing to the newsagent to buy it.

Instead of being this wonderful convenience it's a massive pressure. Each day the paper arrives, each day I don't read it (I tend to read it online), the papers pile up until I throw them out in most cases unread (I do read Good Living on Tuesdays and the Spectrum on Friday night - which is the one blessing as it's part of the Saturday paper but they deliver on Friday. I feel like I'm getting a headstart on the weekend and can cross something off the to- list early).

I'm being weighed down by all these newspaper, the intention is there but I never get around to sitting down with them as I'd like. So I'm thinking of scrapping it.

Do you have any tiny thing that weighs you down?


  1. I used to work for Spectrum hehe - ummmmm i am weighed down by... gotta go screaming baby , no seriously, was going to answer in detail ..

  2. I used to love buying Saturday's paper, but stopped buying it (mainly because I was bitter). And I bought the paper regularly in those first few months at home with P, so I could do the crossword. Anyhow, it used to annoy me how I'd practically chuck half of it out. Drive, Sport, Business ... out, out, out!

    I'm weighed down by clutter. Just when I think I've got it under control, more turns up. And I usually dump it in the portacot (the one P loathes) to deal with later and keep out of P's reach, thus promptly forgetting about it until the cot is overflowing with random crap and I have to clear it out. It's like an oversized in-box!

  3. My bottom. Oh wait a sec you said tiny thing... er, I suppose the cheery emails from friends mouldering in my email in box waiting for equally cheery replies from moi. I appreciate that they care about me and that they went to the effort of writing, but hell, we're friends on facebook. Can't we just read each others updates??

    Do I sound mean and churlish now?




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