Saturday 5 December 2009

Who gives a toss about Tiger?

This morning I was awoken at 4.22am. It's an ungodly hour. No, it wasn't the children that woke me, it was Skip. My insomniac husband couldn't sleep and turned on the telly to some US news show talking in depth about Tiger Woods' 'transgressions'.

I tried to go back to sleep, but these grinding voices were going on and on about how these 'shocking' revelations are getting 'worse by the day'. Seriously, are they for real??
Now I know I used to work on gossip rags and revealed the 'truth' that the public desperately needed to know about our favourite celebrities, but seriously is it really headline news that a mega-wealthy sports star who travels the world on tour has shagged around? I mean are we really shocked? The only question that I want answered are why do stars always cheat with cocktail waitresses?

Do we really care about what Tiger has been up to off the golf course? To be completely honest, I don't really care about what Tiger does on the golf course, but I understand that I'm probably in the minority or he wouldn't have all those mega-bucks. To me, this 'scandal' is about as news worthy as Amy Winehouse falling in a gutter or Brangelina having another child - these things happen all the bloody time.

The only things I have learnt from this whole episode is that Tiger is really crap at driving a car and his wife isn't too bad at swinging a golf club.

Grrr (pardon the Tiger-esque frustration) maybe I'm just a little grumpy from lack of sleep.


  1. That's what I want to know? What's with the cocktail waitresses?

    Guessing the guy has gone a little loopy from hitting a ball with a stick for so many years.

  2. Looking solely at the pictures (and reading just a tad about the 'kinky' sex) it would seem that Mr Woods has a Madonnna/Whore complex.

    And who knew that cocktail waitress was the quickest trajectory to celebrity shagger?

    But yep, I'm with you - over it!

  3. I hear ya sister. Well said. I couldn't give a shit. It would be more interesting news to hear of one who hadn't slept around

  4. Hillarious! Don't you find the whole thing so funny? I love the fact his wife was trying to maim him with the tools of his trade (well one of his tools, it was the other that got him into trouble) and that he ran into a fire hydrant while she was after him... You couldn't have scripted it any better. I am now a big fan of his wife, but couldn't care less what he orders with his cocktails. x

  5. I agree that its the worlds most boringist celebrity gossip at the moment but the one funny joke that I have not stopped chuckling at ...

    What is Tigers Woods new name ...

    Cheetah Woods



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