Tuesday 27 March 2012

Red blooded male

Baby D has a good life. It comes with being a third born. I know, cause I'm a third born myself.

I think being a boy with two older sisters is even better. He really doesn't have to do much. His sisters dote on him, entertain him and smother him with love. All he has to do is sit there and soak it up.

He's been pretty lazy on the movement front. He's rolled but it's not something he does often, he doesn't need to, he reaches for something and someone fetches it for him. He also gets the "he's a premmie" excuse (which we'll probably still be dragging out for him when he's 30).

But today was different. We had a visitor, a playmate in the shape of a cute little lady. We lay the two next each other and straight away D was interested. He looked across and tried to grab her and before I knew it he'd rolled faster than I've ever seen him move to get to her. We moved him back and he did it again.

It seems he can move, he just needs the motivation of a girl in a cute outfit and a cheeky smile. Not unlike his Dad.

Yeah, baby!

Rollin', rollin', rollin'.

It would seem that the love is not unrequited as D gets a smooch.


  1. Could he be any cuter? I mean REALLY...he is like the quintessential poster boy for gorgeous babies!
    He makes me wish I had a baby girl of my own for him to fall in love with! Those movie star good looks and that dashing name....maybe I can fix my new niece up with him????

  2. oh rin... that is so bloody cute!! Ds playdate looks like it was love at first roll! xx

  3. I love seeing new babies together! :)

    It's just ridiculously beautiful :)

    Little D is so much like his sisters (in looks, i.e BEAUTIFUL!)


  4. Oh that is absolutely adorable Corinne. I always love when bubba's of around that age group get together, they are so darn cute, with their little interactions. Love the photos, they will be great to show him when he's a bit older... and I have no doubt that you'll have a heartbreaker on your hands there too! xo

  5. That is gorgeous!!! My brother has 2 older sisters and I think the same can be said about him. Little D is DIVINE! xx

  6. He's so super cute and he's grown so much! I'm just made it through my my little girl's 1st month and looking forward to catching up with your Little D.


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