Monday 19 March 2012

Another one down

Last week was a pretty blergh week. I'm glad it's now back there instead of right here.

The weekend was fun. The races, dinner with friends, birthday parties, a smattering of sunshine.

Skip and I were really looking forward to the races. The first time they'd been on at Randwick in months. We awoke on Saturday morning to pouring rain. Ever optimistic we kept saying it was going to pass.

We got to the track and got a prime table on the lawn, while everyone sniggered at us from inside the grandstand. "They'll be sorry when the sun comes out and we've got the best table," we said. Alas, the sun never did come out. We made the best of it though, no winners, but still fun.

Tuckered out from the races (and getting up all night) D snuggled in bed with me on Sunday morning to catch a few zzzs. So nice not to have to rush early on a Sunday morning.

Sunday was filled with kids birthday parties.

Last night, the kids were high on sugar from cake and lollies and Skip made an incredible roast to finish off the weekend.

I've got another busy week ahead, so it's time to take a deep breath and here we go....


  1. It sounds like a good weekend, rain and all. Hope you have a great week ahead, Corinne. x

  2. So glad you had a good time. And little D! So precious x

  3. I love your optimism.
    Boo to the sun for not meeting you halfway.
    :-) x

  4. Shame about the weather. The races are stellar when the sun is out!

    A had a blergh week last week too. Must have been something in the Sydney air.

    Here's to an awesome week this week, for both of us :)


  5. Aww look at Baby D, so grown up and so cute sound asleep! So glad you had a lovely weekend after a busy week.

  6. looks like it was a fun weekend even with the rain!

  7. Great photos Corinne and how adorable is your little D... and fabulous that you took him along to the races, here's me thinking you would have to get him minded, but the races is actually pretty good for the little ones isn't it?! Yeah the weather really sucked on Sat and such a shame too being the first meet back at Randwick. It's going to be amazing there once all the construction is finished. Hope this week is a little less blergh than the last xo
    P.S. thought it was funny that you used the expression 'tuckered out' in this post, as that was the title of mine today, haha!

    1. It will be great when it's finished. It's looking pretty sad at the moment! D won't go to all meets, but being a racing baby named after a jockey, he has to go to some. Might see you at the track! xx


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