Thursday 8 March 2012

Food fight

I was never blessed with sleepers, but I've certainly been blessed with eaters. From the first bit of mush that crossed their lips, my kids have enjoyed their food. I've always felt relieved that we've never had to really battle at the dinner table. Sure they have their likes and dislikes, but over all I can usually get something healthy in their bellies and that, as a mum, makes you feel good. Not that it has the slightest to do with anything that I've done.

Little D started solids last week and with the exception of one potato fiasco has taken to it with gusto. He smiles and laughs after every mouthful like he's discovered the best secret ever. We sing "Pumpkin Boy" to him as he eats (to the tune of Macho Man) and he's in heaven.

Although since the start of school, our fairly stress-free meal times have become battlegrounds. Each and every time I put a plate of food in front of the girls, I hear: "That looks yuck! I'm not eating that". Lil-lil has taken to memorising our meal plan so she can count down the days until we have pasta, the only thing they will happily eat at the moment. We're going into week 6 of this food fight and it's driving me demented.

I try and coerce them to eat but if they don't, I take it away. By morning they wake early starving. I've now told them there will be zero treats (which are usually restricted to the weekend) until they start eating decent healthy food.

I'm sure it's just a phase (at least I hope it is) but it's sending me round the bend.

Have you ever had good eaters go bad?


  1. We are having a battle at dinner time too at the moment, Amy is tired and hungry from school and also sick of having been told what to do all day. Stella is obstinate and picky and just wont eat something she doesn't want. I too have restricted shop bought treats and there are no desserts until further notice, I refuse to fight over food so am just weathering the storm and providing mostly meals that I know have at least one element that will appeal to each child, eg. Noodles with chicken and veg. Stella will only eat the noodles and Amy will not eat the chicken and Ron and I get to eat the leftovers!

  2. Henry (6) has just started to get fussy too. He used to eat a reasonable array of healthy food. He is now down to a couple of very specific fruits and veggies that he reluctantly eats. Now, it is Finn (8) who is starting to eat a wide range of foods. This is the kid who was one of the fussiest eaters as a toddler and up to about a year ago. He now eats quite 'adult' meals - salads, a reasonable range of veggies etc...and will try most things. So hopefully our kindy kids are just going through a phase (although you are related to Miles, who as a child deserved the crown of King Fussy Eater...and even he eats anything as an adult).

  3. I have shocking eaters. Even D is a struggle. From day 1 with solids he has a very few likes and it took until he was well over 10 months before he would even eat breakfast. It drives me mental on a daily basis. I hate every single mealtime at our place. We even fight in the morning about how many bites of toast they need to eat. Sigh.

  4. I find it so interesting to read this Corinne, as I'm also having real issues with Angus (Mr4) at the moment. He has always been the best little eater, but lately he's been giving attitude, playing with his meals and sometimes just flat out refusing to eat it. This then turns into a battle ground, as I insist he eat at least a few mouthfuls. He begrudgingly obliges, but I know it's only because he wants his dessert, little bugger. Felix on the other hand is still in that blissful state of eating ANYTHING and everything... and polishing off Angus' leftovers.
    I feel for you and hope it improves for both of us really soon.
    But how cute is a baby starting their first solids!? GO little D, keep putting on those kg's xo

  5. My hardest problem is that the three girls aren't overly fussy, but like such different things that trying to find me meal that suits everyone is hard. I end up with the same meals over and over. I miss variety and spices!


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