Thursday 15 March 2012

Racy numbers

Life in these parts have been fairly urgh. It's just been about survival, which is sucky. Just getting through the weeks. I hate it, I have been here too many times before. We're getting through at the moment pretty well, but the one thing that is bringing a bit of sparkle is the fact that the Autumn racing carnival is about to start.

Last year, we were so consumed with selling our house and finding somewhere to live that the races got put on the backburner. We didn't even make it to the Golden Slipper, for shame.

This year, Skip will be going to every meet and I'll try and make it to quite a few of them.

I love the races. It's fantastic people watching, a great excuse to frock up, an excellent excuse for a glass of bubbles and it's always a fun day out. While I like watching the races, I quite often never even back a single race. Each time is a little different too – you can sit at the champagne bar, sit in the fancy restaurant or just have a picnic in the sun. As a social event, it really is hard to beat.

Having a few Saturdays booked to focus on having some fun and work out what frock to wear will definitely take my mind off the lack of sleep and generally crankiness of home. Even if I do have to prop my eyes open with matchsticks and try and not be a complete loon.

I have a few race dresses, so I really don't need to purchase something new. I could easily go to each meet with a different dress (it's the only clothes shopping I enjoy and actually do). But I am going to Derby Day for the first time this year which means I'll need something in black and/or white which I don't have. So what's a girl today? Can't shun race tradition now, can I?

I spotted a spotty number in a local vintage store, which is a gorgeous '50s number, a flimsy summer dress so I need something with a little more weight for Autumn. How about one of these?

Collette Dinnigan

Leona Edmiston

Leona Edmiston

Elise Silk

I'm loving these lace dresses from Portmans too:

Are you going to the Sydney Autumn Carnival this year? What are you wearing?


  1. That Collette Dinnigan dress is incredible. That gets my vote!

  2. I think the first Leone is a winner. It will make your curves look KILLER!

  3. I ADORE the Collette Dinnigan! Gorg!!!!
    Um, yes, I would like to come to the races with you guys this Autumn.... ;)
    A girl can dream you know....

  4. I'm a big Races fan as well - but not so much in the city. I like the country picnic races the best.

    A little lacy from Portmans would look super aaaaand keep your budget happy. x

  5. Wow! Get dress 3 and 4 and both the Portmans ones!

  6. LOVE the Collette Dinnigan one, geez the gal knows style. Hope you're able to get yourself along to as many of those meets as possible Corinne. I know how hard it is and especially having little D looked after etc... but frocking up and having some bubbles with hubby and/or friends is just so enriching for the soul. You know I love race season also and Scott and I are keen to try and get to a couple this year too... shame about the weather on Saturday though xo

  7. Love the new look by the way! xo

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