Wednesday 14 March 2012

A little music

Yesterday was a cranky day. Late nights + early mornings +  multiple night wakings = this little face below.

Today, though, her face was filled with excitement and pride as her Grandpa came to her preschool to play some music for her and her friends. I love Goosey's preschool, it's small and caring. An old school place that is warm and is definitely a part of our family life.

It's a non-profit preschool and they love to get visitors from the families to share an interest or hobby with the kids. My dad has played the saxophone and clarinet for many years and my girls love listening to him play when we visit him, so I thought the preschool would enjoy it too. 

I want to take advantage of this wonderful age, where they're so proud to share their family with their friends. I know that eventually the kids will hit an age when they will pretend not to know their oldies.
As Dad played and the kids sat enthralled and then got up and danced, Goosey was super proud. "That's my Grandpa," she nudged to her friends with a beaming smile. She'll remember this for years to come. I think it's nice for my Dad to see where Goosey goes to preschool too and be a part of her life. Plus, who knows, maybe he'll inspire a little musician amongst the group. 

I'm loving being a part of the community that the kids are creating, it's one of the nicest things about being their mum. 


  1. That is just beautiful Corinne. Clever grandpa and gorgeous Goosey. So nice for both of them really. And what a wonderful preschool incorporating the children's family into the routine. I bet you were beaming witnessing that xo

  2. How absolutely gorgeous - for the whole family.
    :-) xx

  3. She may be grumpy, but that pic is pretty damn cute! Her pre-school does sound lovely. She must have been very proud having her Grandpa there. x

  4. How wonderful Corinne. I have not one musical bone in my body, and envy those who do.
    That is such a special experience for Goosey and her Grandpa, and all the kids at preschool.

  5. That face! It's priceless. That's one to pull out at her 21st xx


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