Friday 9 March 2012

Good in theory

When I was wheeling the shopping trolley round Coles on Monday, I had the brilliant idea of making homemade pizza for dinner on Friday night.

I had images of the girls enthusiastically topping their pizzas, as we laughed and bonded, everyone having a great time. A fun creative way to end the week.

Friday evening arrived and the girls were psyched about making pizzas.

I got everything ready, while D screamed the girls laughed and wriggled with excitement. I asked what they wanted to put on their pizzas. 'Cheese!' cried Lil-Lil. 'Ham!' cried Goosey.

'OK, what else,' I asked, bouncing a screaming baby in one arm.
'Just cheese' said Lil-Lil. 'Just Ham' cried Goosey.

D kept on screaming. I gave up trying to be creative and gourmet.

We threw the pizza in the oven. The girls said it was 'delicious', tasted more like Papa Giuseppe to me.

It was a anticlimax. Probably would've been cheaper and easier to get takeaway from one of the 30 pizza places just metres from our house.

It was a good idea in theory. Do you ever have wonderful ideas that you just can't pull off ?


  1. You're too hard on yourself Love. We do homemade pizza nights and it has taken try after try after try to get it right. Too much sauce, crust not fully cooked, toppings too name it, I've screwed it up. We've ate imperfect pie after imperfect pie and it just went to show practice makes perfect.
    Besides, it's the thought that counts. My family has had nothing but crap horrible food all week for dinner and I have been eating cereal. Pathetic!

    1. I think the thing is I wanted it to be fun and it wasn't - I was tired and cranky (so was D) I should have chosen another time. Also, we can literally smell the pizza shops from our home. We live a stone's throw from HEAPS of Italian restaurants,

  2. I hosted a dinner party this week for our newly pregnant with baby #3 friends.

    I used this tried & tested no fail recipe, & it FLOPPED. EPICALLY.

    I was so embarrassed. And it was just so awkward.

    Meh. It's the thought, right? :)

    1. Oh Cherie that's happened to me too. Hate it. Hope they were good friends who understood.

  3. Always Corinne, I am always coming up with idea for fun things with the kids that flop! Like the sponge shapes for painting that looked like blobs or the bulbs we planted in the garden but forgot to water so they didn't come up, or the risotto I made but they all refused to eat.
    We generally do home made pizzas for a weekend lunch, because otherwise everything is too rushed at night and I'm too grumpy if they don't put on everything or spill the cheese etc

    1. Nat, homemade pizzas would be SO much better as a lunchtime activity! I love your comment, we've done the bulbs too. x

  4. Oh Corinne, story of my life, in one way or another. I get really pumped to take on whatever new venture or idea I've come up with... and then it often falls flat. I guess that's what life's about though, trying new things, if they fail, picking yourself up and moving on... if they succeed, well that's just a bonus.
    I love how children have their funny little thoughts about what constitutes 'good' food. Angus makes me laugh as he is never happier than when we have salad for dinner, mind you he only eats the olives, feta, cucumber and capsicum. He always says "this is a delicious meal Mama!", makes me feel a little sheepish when he says that.

    1. It's true, you've got get excite about things and try something new, even if it does fall flat! x


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