Wednesday 28 March 2012

Mind casserole

I have blog posts coming out my ears at the moment. Too many blog posts. So many blog posts that they're all clamouring to get out at the same time and they're all stuck in the doorway to my brain, like a group of school kids trying to get on the last bus home. So I'm not even going to attempt to put something together, not at least until my brain gets its thoughts in order.

I'm tired. I'm excited. I'm nervous. I'm worried.

There's lots going on in the Daze house. So much that I'd like to give my full attention to, but all of it seems to get put on the 'I'll get to that in a moment' shelf, as I just try and get the basics done without stuffing up.

Tonight, I'm going to a cocktail party. It's going to be fun. Lots of fun. But I'm getting nervous as there are going to be so many people there that I admire. Big bloggers, cool bloggers. And then little old me.

I'd love to go and just enjoy myself, but I know I'll be worrying about home. I'll be wondering if D has woken and if he's settling. I also know that I'll be shy and awkward, I'm always so bad at these kind of things.

So, on that note. I'm going to try and take a little nap, so I can be a little sparkly.


  1. Have a great time at the party! And just be yourself xx

  2. You will be totally rad man!

    I, on the other hand, would completely suck at it. I get nervous about big rooms of people I don't know. Be glad you're not me! x

    1. I totally get nervous in a room full of people I don't know! Suckety suck at it! x

  3. Enjoy your nap! I hope you got a good one in. Have fun tonight, just rmember they're probably just as nervous as you and are whacking a fake smile on, til they make that first nervous chat to someone.
    Make sure you have a few cocktails too.

  4. YOU are a big blogger Corinne and one that many people admire... always remember that.
    Hope you have a brilliant time and rock on with some of your idols, it sounds like so much fun. A night out is always good for the soul, little D will be alright for a few hours xoxo

  5. I think I would be nervous too! It is a safe feeling in front of a computer but then when it is taken away...Im sure you will be fine, and not the only one nervous!

  6. Enjoy the do tonight. Looking forward to hearing some of your blog posts soon x

  7. I hope you are kicking your heels up RIGHT THIS MINUTE!


  8. Oh, Corinne!

    You would NEVER have known.

    I was sitting in the room of my hotel saying, it's ok. It's ok. It's ok.


    I'm really super cool like that.

    And I'm just so glad that I went! xx


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