Monday 26 March 2012

Cake walk

This weekend past, we had our cake and ate it too.

Right near my house is a cupcake shop. It used to be a cheese shop and this made me very happy. Gorgeous cheeses just mere steps from my front door, these were glorious times. When it became a cupcake shop I was bitterly disappointed. I can make cupcakes, I can't make French cheeses.

The years have past and I begrudgingly admit that the cupcake shop does make amazing little morsels. The only downside is that we have had to put in a rule, otherwise it's tantrum city. Now, the only time we buy cupcakes is on the walk home from school on a Friday afternoon. We're all happy.

Saturday, I was put in charge of the cake stall at the preschool garage sale. When my kids turned up to visit they thought this was pretty damn awesome, thinking that as I was in charge of the baked goods it was carte blanche for them. They were sad to discover that they had to pay, just like everyone else, and were only allowed one item each.

They weren't disappointed for long as Lil-lil's fairy godmother came for lunch and brought a scrummy cake with her, complete with pink icing and sprinkles.

The girls definitely think it was the best weekend in quite a while.

Sunday rolled around and we came off our sugar buzz. I love spending late Sunday afternoon in my backyard. If the sun is out D and I will lie on the grass or trampoline and stare up at the enormous gum in out hanky-sized garden and listen to the wind blowing through it's leaves. I don't get out there much and it's nice to soak it in. Looking up at the tree you could be anywhere. On the bank of a remote river, in the mountains or a national park... You almost feel like a kangaroo may hop up and nibble at the grass near your toes.

view from the trampoline.

That is until a flying kangaroo, with it's red tail, roars over and you remember you live under the flight path.

What did you do on the weekend?


  1. Oh what a lovely weekend Corinne. How funny that you also have a giant gum in your backyard. We have one right on the border of our place and the land over the back. It is HUGE and scares the life out of me, that one day it will take out our tiny terrace. But you're right, they are beautiful and you could be in the middle of the country on any given day, just by glancing upwards. Love the pics of your gals and their cupcakes... EVERYONE loves a cupcake... or two! xo

    1. My hubs actually hates the tree, he reckons it's going to drop a branch on one of the kids. Our neighbour hates it to cause it drops leaves in her garden. She actually called cops about it. As you can imagine, they were very glad to hear from her.

  2. A weekend of treats - perfect!
    I love your skyward shots - including the last one - hee hee.
    :-) x


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