Tuesday 5 January 2010

Wide blue yonder

Recently I have been feeling very blue. Not down or depressed. Just wanting/needing blue things around me. Which is why I fell for the new blossom wallpaper adorning my blog. I've also been buying blue clothing, too. It's funny how at times in your life certain colours makes you feel, well, right or secure or something.

Happily the skies are brilliant blue today, so that's a blessing as well.

I'm currently writing an epic blog about my sleepless years, so hopefully that will be up later today or tomorrow. Ciao for now.


  1. I'm drawn to all things teal at the moment. Was about to do a blog post about it, in fact!

    I love your background. I almost chose it for mine when I changed recently. It looks beautiful.

  2. I agree, the background is beautiful!

    Maybe the love of blue is stemming from the desire to stay cool thanks to the scorching summer days :)


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