Thursday 7 January 2010

Scrapppppy dooooo - it's award time!

Last week the very lovely Alliecat at In a Beautiful Pea Green Boat (this has to be one of my most favourite blog names) bestowed on me an award.

Apparently receiving this award means I have to share 10 honest (apparently also little known facts to those in my blog world) facts with you. Once that is done then I get to bestow the award on to 7 fellow awesome bloggers.

I thought being in the light mood I'm in this would be the perfect time to take part.

1) I don't like fruit. I hate the texture and the flavour of most fruits. I do love all vegetables though.

2) I really wanted to be a forensic pathologist for a long time, but then realised that I'm not really good with details...

3) I studied film as my major during my brief career at university.

4) I'm petrified of squirrels. Those nasty rabies-filled creatures....

5) Duck is my favourite meat to consume.

6) I don't like skiing or any snow related sports.

7) I appeared in the newspaper with Mohammad Ali when he was in Australia in the late '70s.

8) I love a cup of tea on a really hot day.

9) I would really like to be glamourous but fall way short of the mark.

10) I haven't been overseas for almost five years.

So, do you feel you know me completely now?

Any way, I'm going to pass the award on. Go and check out these fab blogs:

Potty mouth mama always something there that entertains me.

Pink Patent Mary Janes her food post always make me drool and she always adds a little sunshine to my day. It's also nice to reunite with her in the blogosphere.

I like to fish Travis is not only funny, but he gives a nice male perspective to my otherwise female heavy reading list.

Lessons from the monk I married I have only just discovered this blog, but Katherine has made me really think.

Quixotic Life I think we started blogging around the same time, I always love her take on things.

MummyTime a recent blog of note and a hotshot blogger who never fails to raise a smile. Despite what a bigwig she is these days, Brenda hasn't forgot the little people and still give great comments.

A Reservation for Six I always love delving into Rachel's life, she's always so honest - which is what this award is all about after all.


  1. Wahoooo!!! Thanks luverly.XO

  2. Oh crap, I was so excited I've forgotten to leave proper comment. Ahem. Anyway I was gonna say if it's any consolation I haven't been overseas in over 7 years. Waaaah!

  3. Thanks very much!! And to make both you and Brenda feel better, unless you count Vanuatu 13 years ago, I have NEVER been overseas. *sob*

  4. Awww.... Thanks bunches!

    It's a good thing you didn't get stung like a bee!

    Sometimes I make lame jokes.

    Mostly all the sometimes.

  5. At one point i wanted to go into like forensic chemistry...but then i realised i really really hate measuring liquids and fine stuff like that :)

  6. #7 is intriguing - more details please!

  7. OMG, awesome! Thank you so much!!! It may take me a while to come up with my 10 things, though. Honest I can do, but making it interesting will be tough...

    Oh, I totally hate squirrels. I'm not afraid of them, I just hate them.

  8. I haven't forgotten about this lovely award you have given me and one will be coming your way very soon....Thank you so much for your refreshing blog. Just wanted to let you know that. I know so much time as passed, but I haven't forgotten!

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