Monday 25 January 2010

Blog love

A little while ago I mentioned that I was a panelist for the Bloggies and had discovered some wonderful blogs. I'm a bit slow on the uptake as a lot of people have obviously already fallen for them.

It's been a treat to read and befriend bloggers like Pink Patent Mary Janes, Sharni, Quixotic, Box of Tricks, MummyTime Brenda, Edwina, Baby Mac Beth and the wonderful Alex (I hope you come back soon), plus many more. I never to expected to meet a cyberworld of friends, and that's exactly what these lovely ladies have become. In addition to these women who I have so much in common with, I've also now discovered a whole world of bloggers whose life is so wonderfully different and, literally, a world away from mine. Here are three of my favourite new blogs from far-flung corners of the world:

Susie's Big Adventure - follows an American woman who now lives in Saudi Arabia with her husband and son. A fascinating read.

My Marrakesh - another American woman who created her dream home in Marrakesh. She's recently visited Afghanistan and has the most beautiful photography.

Desiderata - a fabulous tour through Mumbai

Hope you enjoy these newies (and oldies) if don't already.


  1. Right back at you! And thanks for these, we must be in tune with each other, I was thinking the other day that I might list some far flung ones that I have found. I am always on the lookout for them. Off to check them out now :-)

  2. Backatcha lovely Corinne!

    ...and ooh, I've tagged you on my blog. No pressure. Heehee...

  3. Sharni - would love to hear about your far-flung faves.

    Brenda - you're an absolute doll!

  4. Thanks Corinne! Well done on your bloggy duties!


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