Monday 4 January 2010

Bye bye break

Well the holidays are over. The Skip is back at work, the kids need to get back into some sort of routine after the craziness of the past 10 days and I think there is a house underneath all this carnage.

The upside is that it's time to start blogging properly again!

We had a wonderful time off together as a family. The week went fast but we packed lots in.
Two couple friends got engaged which was VERY exciting and it meant lots of French bubbles. It's so exciting to see good friends find such happiness.
We also saw two movies - two movies in one week is a world record for us, especially since the last movie Skip saw at the flicks was The Dark Knight. We saw An Education (brilliant) and Avatar (amazing special effects, but an hour too long and I hate being hit over the head with a message - nothing subtle about this blockbuster). We also had wonderful meals out and even went to a wine bar and listened to jazz, oh so grown up. We went out on a boat, went to the beach, went bike riding, went visiting, caught up with old friends. All in all a blissful week.

But today it's back to the grind... and, of course, the sun is finally coming out.


  1. Joel's back at work today, Sam's back in day care. Back to the grind, yet part of me is relieved. I want my routine back.

    Sounds like you had a fabulous holiday period though!

    Hope your year stays just as wonderful.

  2. Yes, Melissa, I want the routine back too. As nice as holidays are it's also nice to get back into the groove.

    Hope you're enjoying your day!

  3. My kids come back from camping today (yikes) but we had a great CHristmas / New Year too. It goes past too quickly.

    On the upside I have a mountain of laundry to do. Yay!


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