Thursday 7 January 2010

Costume drama

After the delving deep for the epic Sleepless in Sydney story, it's time to lighten things up a bit. The next few posts will be light, fluffy and cheerful (and not so wordy).

During the break I saw two movies - quite out of the ordinary for me, despite the fact I love nothing more than going to the flicks. The films in question were An Education and Avatar, which are worlds apart. I really loved An Eduction, besides being completely swept up in Nick Hornby's fab screenplay set in London and Paris during the early '60s, I fell in love with the divine costumes. I'm not one to often fawn over fashion but I can't get the gorgeous garbs out of my head.

Here are some pics to show you why

Pics: courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics


  1. ohhhh the dresses are beautiful!

  2. hi lovely....
    oh you have done some beautiful heart felt writing my lovely that Im sure will help some and be inciteful to other... congratulations for having the guts and honesty to get it out there... I still believe we go through these things to learn and to help... and I do understand believe me! love these images!! Am yet to se the film but these pics are inspiring..x

  3. I loved 'An Education'. Especially the dresses and Carey Mulligan!
    Would love to know what you thought of Avatar. Am thinking of seeing it but it's not really my kind of movie...

    Also,I loved your sleeping posts. Must have been difficult to write though.Congrats on making it through such a horrendous period and speaking about it so honestly.

  4. Megs - Avatar had great special effects, it was amazing visually. I didn't think it was my kind of movie, but a lot people kept telling me how great it was. I walked out the movie saying "Yep, it wasn't my kind of movie". I wish I'd gone and seen The Lovely Bones.

  5. Wow - those are two very different movies. SO what did you think of Avatar?


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