Wednesday 30 September 2009

Splashing about in colour

Well as the fog of sleep deprivation is beginning to lift I'm finally inspired. I've spent the past three years on the couch looking at my house, wanting to decorate. Now, I'm no interior designer by any stretch of the imagination, but I wanted my home to look a little more 'adult'. And by this I don't mean I want it to look like a brothel, more that I don't want it to look like a bunch of 19-year-olds live in it. So this week was the launch of 'Operation Spruce Up.'

So, after visiting the local furniture stores and decorating outlets I've made a few small steps. I'm still completely hopeless when it comes to a lot of this stuff, but I even managed to get the glue out and get a bit crafty. Tonia Todman, watch out! I've put a pic of my efforts in up above.

It's just made me realise how when it comes to visual things I'm about as good as Ray Charles at a blockout blind convention. I've got my talents, but putting colours, styles and textures together aren't one of them. Truly, when I was at high school I remember a teacher looking at a poster I'd been asked to do and saying: "Stop mucking around and do some real work." I was crushed, I'd spent a lot of time doing what I thought was a good job. Despite this, I'm rather please with my efforts at home. Even Skip nodded approval.

Though I don't expect Better Homes & Gardens to be knocking on my door anytime soon. Spruce Up will continue through out the week so hopefully in the next few days the house will be cleaned, tidied and looking shiny. Now to give my mind and body a good spring clean. Next week will be Operation Body Wise.

Catch ya later

Note: some people were asking me if they could comment without being a member and I have just changed the settings so you know can. It would lovely to hear from other readers out there... if you are indeed out there.


  1. Hey Corinne - I am! Lovely to find your blog - thanks for following mine.
    Linda x

  2. Love the wall hangings. Where is Ruby Star Traders? I know just what you mean re decorating. I too wish the house would kind of decorate itself. I know exactly what I want it to look like, but there always seems to be something else more important - journal articles to read, vegetables to grow, little boys to feed and the list goes on. One day I will do it.

  3. Thanks, Linda! Lovely to see you here!
    Lanie - Ruby Star Traders is on Bridge Rd, Glebe. Near the fish markets. They have some gorgeous stuff.

  4. Hi Rin
    The wall hangings look great. This blog really hit home! Shelt and I were just discussing the fact that our house/houses always look like student digs. I think it is to do with three factors: we move house every two years or less, I have an inherent dislike of big clean up/orgainising jobs and I have the interior design skills of a newt! Can you do mine when you're done? xx

  5. Wish I could Sar, but doing mine is work enough! Thanks for reading and commenting! xx


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