Wednesday 16 September 2009

Gone like the wind

Just a small post here about the loss yesterday of Patrick Swayze. He may not have been the best actor in living memory but he made some top movies and read some dialogue that has been the soundtrack for my life.
To honour Pat I'm going to quote some of his lines that have been the most memorable for me.
"Look, spaghetti arms. This is my dance space. This is your dance space." Dirty Dancing
"Life has a sick sense of humour, doesn't it?" Point Break
"Ditto" Ghost
And we cannot, not mention possibly the greatest movie line ever:
"Nobody puts Baby in a corner."

RIP Mr Swayze.

I'd also like to raise my glass to Keith Floyd who also passed on in fine Floyd style on Monday. The original TV chef passed away from a heart attack while sitting on the lounge after an extravagant champagne lunch. He was about to watch a TV tribute on his life. What a way to go! Floyd's cooking shows are still the best. 

The heavens are eating, drinking and dancing well tonight!


  1. I was very sad to hear that he died....but I must admit reading your blog was moving but also did make me ask the question.....Did you have those Patrick Swayze quotes stored in your head?

  2. Shamefully, yes. Though I did have to check online to make sure they were right. I'm a pop culture Miss Haversham, I haven't moved past 1999. I was never much of a PS fan (I thought he was a bit of a meathead actually) but Dirty Dancing is watched regularly and I've seen Point Break 18 million times (or so it feels). "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" is often quoted in our household. So I was a little saddened by his death. Plus who cannot love "She's like the wind"? Can't get that damn song out of my head now...

  3. Very impressive. Since I read your blog last night I can't get 'She's like the wind' out my my head either. I do remember now that you are very good at the pink and yellow questions in Trivial Pursuit.
    BTW - I walked past the hole in the wall cafe this morning and see what you mean re: entrances! It is hard to work out what you are allowed to do.

  4. Yes, I think you can do either, but at 7am on that Sunday morning I felt like I was actually standing in their kitchen and everyone else was ordering through the hole (which I didn't see until I was actually inside). I kept thinking "Do I keep standing here? Do I walk back outside." Too much pressure!

    Thanks for reading too, Lanie! It's good to know someone is reading my ramblings and nice to get some feedback.


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