Tuesday 15 September 2009

How many Corinnes does it take to change a light globe?

If it's my fate to end up in hell after I pass away, I know exactly where I'll be.... wandering the aisles of Bunnings. Oh, how I hate that place! 
Floor to ceiling of things I don't want, don't need or don't care for. When I go there on a mission to get something in particular I can never find anyone who is willing to help me. It's like they can sense you need help and all vanish in a puff of sawdust.

I never feel a bigger idiot than when I'm wandering through a Bunnings store, but my outing there today has to take the cake. I needed to get some new globes for our kitchen downlights. It was the first time we had ever needed to change them, so on inspection we found there were a couple we didn't know how to get out of the socket. So there I was trying to find someone at Bunnings who could tell me how to change a light globe - yes, stamp moron on my forehead right now. And when I found the lighting 'expert', it really wasn't what you'd call a light bulb moment.

I managed to walk out with a couple of globes and a couple of ideas about how to change them, but my feelings toward Bunnings unchanged. It just reinforces my idea that everyone needs a little home handyman fairy to do all these jobs! 


  1. I agree - it is hard to believe that wandering through Bunnings is many people's idea of heaven! You see for me, it depends on which section of Bunnings I am in.

    Hardware dept = Hell
    Garden dept = Heaven
    Playground = Purgatory

  2. I would advise against going to Ashfield Bunnings at the moment then - the nursery is a big hole in the ground!


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