Thursday 1 October 2009

Somber chuckles

I'm feeling a little somber today. Which is strange as it's a glorious hot day outside and I have a whole four days ahead of me to spend with my family.

I guess with some of the awful images on our TV screens at the moment, you can't help but take stock and be thankful for what you have. I can be a terrible whinger (gee, I guess you never would have guessed that from my posts huh??), but I try to always be positive, not that I'm always successful of course.

I also have some friends who are struggling through some issues at the moment, which makes me through up my hands and stomp my feet and say: "That's just not fair". Why is it that bad stuff happens to such good people, why does it happen over and over too? I think I'll live 100 years and still not know the answer.

So out of respect for all those people who are going through tough times around the globe at the moment, I'm going to enjoy every second of today. I'm not going to wish away one moment. I'm going to hug my girls a little bit tighter. Most of all I'm going to laugh, because what's it all worth if you can't laugh?

To lighten things up.... it's the Sydney Internation Food Festival. What is everyone going to be eating this month? I can't wait for Saturday so we can go and stock up on Trunkey Pork from the markets. It's the most delicious pork going. I'm also looking forward to fish and chips tonight with the family, hopefully eaten at some seaside locale. Tomorrow is a quiet lunch with Skip at Solitary in Katoomba. We'll probably watch the footy grand final with some yummy cheese from the Fouth Village cheeseroom. Yummmmmm

To celebrate food month, can anyone tell me a food secret? Their favourite place to buy delicious produce? A sneaky spot to grab a great duck leg? Or a perfect pastry?

Bon apetit!


  1. Sorry to hear you're a little down, hope the gorgeous day has cheered you up.

    I miss the Growers Market. I used to work the first Saturday of the month (as opposed to every Saturday now!) and it was conveniently a couple of minutes walk away from my old office. I used to stock up on salmon sausages and get a Parker's organic blood orange juice.
    My favourite patisseries (asides from the almighty Zumbo!) are La Gerbe D'Or in Five Ways, Paddington and Francois in Pyrmont. Re: meat, I always go to AC now instead of the supermarkets. I figure since so little meat gets eaten in this house, it might as well be the good stuff!

  2. Totally agree with you there, laughter makes everything okay...always!

  3. Oooh I do love AC! I also love Francois. I haven't been to La Gerbe D'Or, I'll have to try it out!

    Hmm I think I'll definitely be visiting Zumbo over the weekend....

  4. Brenda, your blog always makes me chuckle!

  5. Hi lovely...oh thank you for your thoughts... and I hope the laughs have been coming thick and fast! With those two girls of yours im sure its not too hard!! xxx


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