Wednesday 23 September 2009

Seeing red

Of course the apocalypse would come while Skip was away. This is what I was thinking at 6am today. A thick cloud of red dust had enveloped the city and I awoke to a room filled with an orange glow. The girls slept in as it was so dark - that in itself is a rare occurrence.
I did the sensible thing, of course, and grabbed the bub and ran outside to see what on earth was going on. I then rang Skip and gurgled to him incoherently about the 'end of world' and 'a Martian invasion'. Once sanity prevailed and the dust started to blow away, I realised that when the four horsemen ride up my street, I'll be the one standing on the street screaming like a bad extra in one of those 'end of the world' flicks.
I would like to think that when Judgement Day dawns I'll be playing it cool, but  I know that wont be. I'll be begging, pleading, yelling. Generally hysterical.
Oh well, it was kinda nice having a little bit of a dress rehearsal. The chance to star in my own sci-fi flick as I stared up at a blood red sky in my jammies.

Hope you're all breathing a little easier. 


  1. Amazing wasn't it? I have just posted a blog on the same topic with pics from yesterday morning also.

  2. Every time the sky has taken on an apocalyptic shade, I've always thought "woohoo, party!" (I'm way too into b-grade movies for my own good). It was one of those mornings where I yearned for my old level 24 window seat back in Sussex St again so I could watch it. Instead I just stood in the back yard in my jammies, saying "woah" like I was an extra in a Bill and Ted movie.


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