Wednesday 9 September 2009

Voulons-je aller?

It's been a long time since my last blog and that's because there's been a lot going on inside and outside of my mind. It all started when sleep became my friend once again (oh how I've missed you, my love).

Now that I'm rested my mind doesn't know which way to turn. It's like a door has opened and there are all these different paths and I'm stuck in the door frame saying "Which way do I go?"
I have energy but I'm just not sure where to channel it. Well, there are the girls, of course, but I now have all this extra energy and time I could do even more with my day. I'm like a kid in lolly shop - should I read more books, should I do a course, maybe I'll get a part-time job, maybe I'll go freelance. So many choices... Not good for one so indecisive as I.

Though today my mind has been filled with thoughts of all things French. Why? Well I'm planning a trip to Melbourne. I know, that makes no sense whatsoever, so let me explain...
I'm pouring over the website for Vue du Monde - the wonderfully rich, elegant and wickedly expensive French restaurant in Melbourne's CBD. I also have a free day while I'm there and I have images of my wandering city lane ways, perhaps sipping on a glass of Pinot Noir while reading a book (of course it will be something profound and poetic) in some tiny wine bar and afterwards taking a stroll along the riverbank to a gallery. While it may not be Paris, a whole day to myself in a different city will definitely fill the gap between now and my next European getaway - probably in 2034!

So sleep well my dears, and let your dreams fill both your days and your nights.


  1. Oh rin.... this is brilliant! I had no idea that you had started your blog! You little sneek... Ive just read all the posts and again realised what a brilliant writer you truly are! I look foward to all the adventures with you.... mxx

  2. It's rather new and I've only told two other people about it as I'm still not too sure on this whole blogging bizzo. But I think I'll keep going just for a laugh.
    Hope you're well my sweet.


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