Tuesday 22 September 2009

Home alone

Skip has gone away for work for five whole days. It's hard to do the 'single mother with a doortar' thing. Even though most days he's out the door at before 7am and not home until after 6pm, it's having that debrief in the evenings that makes life a little more sane. It's sharing the funny things the girls do and say that makes the day a little more enjoyable.
So, to get through the week I'm going to make the most of being home alone. And there are definitely some pluses:

  • Making and eating easy meals that Skip would turn his nose up at but the girls and I love
  • Having complete control of the remote control, which means a mix of trashy and high brow girly TV
  • Sleeping (yay, sleep!) diagonally in bed

To end I'm going to share two of the more hilarious quotes from Lil-lil this week, as I can't share them with Skip:
"My wee has a new home" [Said while on the toilet, shortly after being toilet trained]
"Mum, I have butter in my nose and honey in my ears."

On that note, adieu.


  1. My wee has a new home. That is fantastic! Henry and I are at home on Friday - and would love a catch up. xx Lanie

  2. im with lanie too...wee has a new home is priceless! Hope your still enjoying things without mr skip! x


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