Monday 14 September 2009

Monday, monday, can't trust that day

Well Monday rolls around yet again. I know I don't work so I shouldn't get Mondayitis like most people, but I do. Maybe it's because Skip is back at work and that other adult to bounce the kids off is gone. The house is usually a shambles, which means a good few hours of cleaning before I can see my way - that is never a fun thing. Monday is also the day where you have to wash away the sins of the weekend – those delicious cakes, the glasses of wine, the chips, the extra rich food.

This means that Monday is fish day in our house. I like to cook something that's not only super healthy but super delicious. I think having a really tasty dinner helps ease the pain of a Monday.
So fish definitely fills the bills - healthy, easy to cook and, oh so, delicious.

So it's a short blog today as - being a Monday - I'm completely uninspired, but don't worry there are plenty more blogs in the ocean.

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