Saturday 26 September 2009

Keeping mum

This morning Skip (yay, he's home!) was reading New Idea (shhh, don't tell anyone!) and Lil-lil leant over and pointed at a picture on Angelina and said: "Look, it's Mummy!".

At first I was chuffed that Lil-lil thought I looked like Ange! Then I thought, maybe all those threats I'd made about Brangelina coming to adopt them when they misbehave have really sunk in. Maybe she thinks the movie star really is her mum. Let's face it, I don't often get stopped in the street and asked for an autograph. Hmmmm something to ponder...

Have a good weekend!


  1. At least she thought that you were Angelina. When Finn was about Lily's age, he saw me reading Organic Gardening magazine and there was a photo of Peter Cundall (the really old guy from Gardening Australia) and Josh Byrne (a permaculture guy about 40yo, curly hair, bit pudgy, kind of odd looking). He said, 'look its Dad (P.Cundall) and Mum (Josh)'. Not sure what is worse - for Miles to look like an 80 yo or me to look like a 40yo Western Australian man.

  2. Hehee! My mum had this bizarre dream once that I left T for Brad Pitt (ha!) and I was the mother of Viv and Knox and she told me how upset she was with me in her dream. Which is bizarre, until she explained she was reading a trashy earlier on and saw that the Brangelina twins share a birthday with Master P.

  3. Hi lovely...ta for compliment and comment on me blog! Yes - colour is the only way to go these days! And i can imagine ruby star would have been THE best place to experiment! Colour+texture+the lily!!!x


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