Thursday 15 September 2011


Well, I'm home again. It's wonderful to be back with my girls and Skip. It's busy though - running back and forth to the hospital a few times a day, taking the 22 tablets a day for my blood pressure, being there for the girls, pumping milk every few hours and all the other day-to-day stuff.

Skip has done a stirling job. He did 11 days of solo parenting, plus worry about DD and me. I couldn't have survived without his support. So, I'd like to publically thank him, it hasn't been easy for him.

It's been such a whirl of emotions for all of us. Unsettling for the girls. A struggle at times for Skip and me as it's not something you expect or plan for. But all in all we're doing good and getting through it all.

DD is being a star in the nursery and will hopefully be home soon.

Thank you to all the readers who've sent me messages, I've really appreciated them. Xxx

We'll be back to normal programming soon.


  1. Thanks for the update, and I'm glad things are improving. That must have been tough on Skip - shows you chose the right man there. Thinking of you, Skip, the girls and DD xx

  2. Thanks for the update, have been thinking of you & your family.


  3. So many hugs and warm thoughts head your way every day from the good ol Jersey Shore!
    Every time I glance at the clock I am thinking about what time it is there and what you are up to.
    Glad things are on the up and up.

    Now that I will be moonlighting as a SAHM I might have time on my hands for a visit.... ;)

  4. Thanks darling. I was seriously only just thinking about you this morning xxx

  5. Glad to hear things are improving, Skip is a star! We're thinking of you all xx

  6. He is just gorgeous!
    Worth every ounce of this heartache - as you know.
    I'm so glad you're home - but Nanna Shar says "don't wear yuorself out. Rest dear."
    This rollercoater is intense and what a story you'll have for beautiful DD one day.
    Well done, Skip too.
    Good men rise to the occasion, don't they?
    Lots of strength & positive energy,
    Shar :-)

  7. HOPEFULLY before you know it you will all be home, into some kind of routine, going to the park and NOT taking tablets and this crazy time will be a long distant memory. Hope it happens sooner rather than later. Thinking of you ALL and sending you lots of love. All of you but a little extra for that little boy x

  8. Oh Corinne, your little man is beautiful. Welcome home lovely, as bitter sweet as I'm sure it is right now. I don't know how you're swallowing 22 tablets a day, that is intense, but whatever gets you back on track is the most important thing. So pleased to see a post from you, I have been thinking of you and wondering how it's all going. Big hugs xoxo

  9. Oh Corinne, I'm so pleased to read this. What a trial you've been through. I hope you find your 'new normal' very soon. J x

  10. So glad you're at home now - at least your own bed can bring you a little comfort eh? Hopefully all is back to 'normal' for you before too long xx

  11. Welcome home!

    What a journey already, and what a husband you have in skip.

    I hope life gets closer & closer to normal for you every day, & your DD gets ever closer to that magical trip home.

    And 22 tablets?! Holy hell! I'm gagging/dry retching at the thought! That's medal material right there ...


  12. Take three for this comment!

    So happy to hear you are home safely and am sure before long your little family will all be together, enjoying outings to the footy and the park! Just take good care of yourself and little DD. Your superstar husband looks like he is well trained to do the rest x

  13. I am glad to hear about your boy.

    I can't believe you are still under heavy duty meds.

    Thank you for the updates!




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