Thursday 8 September 2011

It's often absurd

The past 9 days have been a whirlwind. I have been really ill and only just realising that now I'm feeling better. Having a baby in NICU is more complicated than I ever imagined.
There's been 850 emotions.

There will be a few blog posts on all these experiences once I process it all.

For now, it's the absurd moments that are sticking with me.

Each night my blood pressure has been spiking, which means that a doctor and midwife have to sit next to my bed and give me IV meds to bring it down. And then they measure it until it does. So this usually begins just as I'm ready to go to sleep.

The first night it happened it was scary, everyone rushed around in a panic. As it happened night after night, the same doctors came and everyone was a bit more relaxed, except for the midwives experiencing it for the first time with me.

We now have casual talks, watch TV, gossip about what's happening in the hospital.

The staff have come out with some ridiculous comments in the boredom of the night, that have me shaking my head.

"your c-section scar is really pretty"

"I like movies with black people in it, they are always good"

"you need a little dog to walk, that will help your blood pressure. Just don't take it to Cafe Bones"

"8am is just too early for a glass of wine"

I just lie in my bed and say "Ok".

They keep asking why I haven't gone mad from sleep deprivation as they wake me every hour to measure my blood pressure, but having two kids who don't sleep has prepared me.

Though I'm sure my blood pressure jumps each time a strange person walks in and grabs my arm when I'm deep asleep.

It's a weird little bubble to be living in.


  1. Weird alright. Glad you're able to still reflect on the absurd. Here's hoping you'll be home soon xx

  2. Corrine, my heart goes out to you and your little man. Sending you a hug and hope that you'll be better soon and holding your bubba all day. x

  3. My gosh!


    Coming from a healthcare background, and knowing a doctor is sitting at your bedside, all I can say is, you must have been sick!

    I truly hope you're on a road to recovery.

    Eventually you'll laugh at some of the absurd things sleep deprived nurses say to keep themselves awake :)


  4. I think you have been dealing with the drama of baby D's arrival so well. I really hope you can get home asap. x

  5. Hello Corrine

    I am so sorry you are still "there" but can you imagine a life without perfect medical care and hospitals - we would be dead.

    Hang in there - People can say the most stupid things at times can't they - give them a virtual smack in the head :)

    take care and am thinking of you so much
    I have followed you and this pregnancy and I am going to follow you all the way home too. (you know like that little piggy!)



  6. Mum and I just had a little giggle at the random things your midi's are coming out with. What the?

    Am thinking of you and dear little DD, hope you are both home soon x

  7. Cripes, Corinne. How you are managing to blog through all that is astounding. Thinking of you. J x

  8. Wow Corinne, you're amazing! Going through this emotional and physical turmoil AND still posting on your blog. I take my hat off to you. I am glad to read this post though, as I have been wondering how you and bubs are going. It must be the most surreal experience to have all the medical staff by your side so often. I'm glad to hear they're looking after you so well... absurdities aside. Goes to show what working the night shift can do to your brain :o/
    Sending strength and hugs you way hun. Hope it's not too much longer before you and bubba can come home and relax in comfort xo

  9. Thinking of you Corinne. I've worked in hospitals before and I think late at night, when it's quiet, it becomes quite a strange place and the connection you make with staff is different to anything else. Strange, but in a good way! Hoping that blood pressure starts to stabilise! Lots of love x

  10. Yes, I'm lucky to have been looked after so well, the odd comments are just middle of the night silence breakers.

    As for blogging, it helps pass the time and reflect on all this. Nothing great at all.

    Thanks for all your well wishes and comments, I really appreciate them x

  11. Those random comments made me laugh. I wonder what the dog person's aversion to Cafe Bones is!

    Glad you're starting to feel better and that DD is going from strength to strength, hoping you can get out soon xx

  12. The random comments from midwives have been some of the best advice I've ever had, and also the strangest.

    I have been thinking of you and your little one.

  13. Just getting caught up on what's happening with you Corinne. My goodness. I'm happy to read that you and your beautiful son are getting stronger every day.


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