Wednesday 21 September 2011

Life with 3

Home sweet home. We're all home together at last. The past three weeks have felt like an eternity! We're lucky, though, that our little boy blue is home sooner than we expected. He's done exceptionally well and is so far being the perfect baby. Sleeping and eating, sleeping and eating. Being the third time, I know that this won't last so I'm enjoying it at the moment.

The girls are super excited to have a baby brother and are bursting to do things with him. I think it's a little disappointing that he just sleeps and eats at the moment. Goosey told me to put him on the ground so he can crawl around and then said I should just give him milk as he'll get a tummy ache. I think the novelty may wear off soon.

Life juggling three has been interesting. The car is packed and there are some logistical things to overcome when going out with them all on my own, but so far I'm managing better than I expected. Ask me again in a few weeks when little D decides to wake up and scream, though.

D has been put on a strict four-hourly routine at the hospital so it's feed, express and put to bed and then start again. He pretty much wakes on the dot of four hours or else I have to wake him. This is a new experience for me as the girls were quite the opposite as newborns. Especially Lil-lil who decided that sleep was evil from day one.

Expressing is a whole new ball game too, I've never really expressed before but being in the nursery it's become part of the daily routine. I have to say there are many moments when I feel like little more than a dairy cow, but I know it's helping out the little man. Also, with all the meds I've been on I've needed to express to boost my supply. I was very lucky to receive an electric AVENT breast pump from Philips to help me. It's been the bomb and saved my sanity, so I must give a big thank you to Philips for their generosity, it's totally helped me through this time.

It's weird to think that D should still be inside for another month. I do feel a little short-changed. It's like watching a movie that suddenly ends and you think, is that it? Mentally I wasn't prepared, I never reached that moment when you think 'Yep, I'm ready for this baby and ready for this pregnancy to be over.' Coming out of hospital I felt a little fragile. It's taken me a week and a bit to feel back to normal. The thought of going out, even just doing the pick-up from preschool made me apprehensive. I'm not sure why. Skip and I went out for dinner before D came home and it did me the world of good. Spending time just the two of us, talking over everything and just having a bit of fun. We also caught up with some good friends and had a good laugh, I think that made all the difference. It's amazing what friends and laughter can do for your soul.

Skip has been fantastic. He has been so supportive and helpful, despite being busy with work. He has been a lifesaver. I wouldn't have been able to do this without him. I'm very lucky.

All in all, I feel good now. Moving onwards and upwards. Glad this whole hospital business is now behind us. Glad that D is healthy. Glad that I'm on the road to being healthy. We've been incredibly lucky. It's time to move forward!


  1. Your complete family all under one roof - that's fantastic.
    It's wonderful that your hospital days are behind you - for a long time, I hope.
    Enjoy the ride with your beautiful little people.
    You are amazing.

  2. all I can say is yay yay yay! So happy the clan is back together again!xxx

  3. So happy for all of you. Soak up this lovely sleepy newborn stage and may he never grow out of it and into the crying stage.

    I understand some babies stay that mellow- you deserve to have one of them after all you have been through!

  4. Well, hello...this is proof I've been so out of touch with blog land...bub has arrived?!

    And early (have caught up now).

    I'm so glad he's home.

    To be honest, I found the jump from 1 to 2 not so big, but HUGE from 2 to 3. It's a lot of running around, but it's totally doable. (I remember loading the 4yo in or out of the car in his capsule a total of 16 times one day!)

    I'm just so glad you're all together now, and I can't wait to read more.

    Congrats, hon. He's a spunk. :) xxx

  5. Hello Corinne

    that is such a lovely post and welcome home.

    I know there will be some hard days ahead (but we wont talk about that now will we) - but you will manage through. Just be kind to yourself and do not put any pressure on yourself to be.... be just you and do it all in your own time.

    hugs to the 5 of you



  6. You must feel whole again having all your chickadees under one roof.
    I cannot imagine what you have gone through these past weeks but you have been in my thoughts constantly.

    And seriously, do you not have the most gorgeous kids EVER????
    I mean really???
    The girls are like little blonde cherubs and with a name like his, D is bound to be a movie star.
    Good thing Hollywood is on this side of the world! ;)

  7. Congratulations.

    I couldn't believe what a tough road you've travelled, after reading your birth story. He is worth all the hardship though!

    And go the pumping! I became quite good at it for a while with both babes. It's the most unsexy time of your life though. Hopefully you can pump and read at the same time?

  8. A fabulous post Corinne, so good to read :o)
    I love that Goosey wanted little D to crawl around, Angus used to say the same thing when we brought Felix home. He will be the most loved little boy around, by those lovely big sisters. Gorgeous photo by the way. The Avent electric breast pump is great, I used it all the time my first time round. That is a really nice gesture of Phillips, pretty cool how that kind of thing can happen as a result of your blog.
    It all sounds like it's falling into place nicely. And don't worry about feeling apprehensive with going out. Allow yourself time to adjust. I was like that with both of my boys and I hadn't been through half the trauma you did. So pleased you're all home :o) xo

  9. So happy to hear that everything is going well. Relax before the holidays start!

  10. Corinne, wow! I just realized you had your baby. I'm a bit late to the game here. I'm so glad you're all home and that he is doing well. Congratulations to you and your family. So happy for you sweets. xoxo

  11. That photo is honestly so beautiful, & a really nice look at Mother of 3 :)

    Well done!

    I hope things keep going smoothly, & it definately looks like he has two VERY loving older sisters doting on him :)

  12. Its no wonder your head has been spinning - there is so much to take in so much sooner (not to mention more traumatic) than expected. You will be doing a fab job and sounds like you have quite a little trouper on your hands with DD!

    And very happy to hear Phillips came to the party and presented a very worthwhile recipient with their breast pump model! xx

  13. Oh Corinne, I'm so delighted you're all home together now. Yes, the *adjusting* to 3 takes some time, I discovered - so many steps ahead to plan, so many eventualities to avoid. You'll get the hang of it soon enough - it sounds like you're coping beautifully so far. Thinking of you J x

  14. Very happy that you are all home were you belong!!!

    I think it is a little bit a shell shock that you may be going through. Quite a tramatic experience but you got a great son to come out of this :)

    Enjoy the moments!

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