Monday 26 September 2011

The midnight hour and my girl

This was the weekend the sleepy baby decided to wake up a little (well a lot ). In fact, on Saturday night he decided to stay awake from 11.30pm until 5.30am. The joy! He went to sleep just in time for the girls to wake up.

Poor Skip, who was unwell and unslept, took the girls out so I could grab a kip. Bless him.

Newborns love playing that trick where they sleep for the first three to four weeks, lulling their parents into a false sense of security. The parents think: "I've got a great baby who just sleeps at all the right times." Then BAM. They wake up, they cry. The parents are left wondering what went wrong.

This was also the weekend that Goosey had her very first dance concert. It was ridiculously cute. She and two others danced to 'My Girl' in their pale pink tutus. Goosey focused more on singing the words than doing the moves, but she did really well. She looked so grown up on the stage. I think it was our first outing to the outside world as a family of five. It also made me realise how entrenched in the local community we are. There were so many neighbours and friends at the show, all coming up for a glimpse of little D.

It's holiday from preschool this week. Lil-lil was asking when we were going to catch the plane (spoilt, much?) and I had to break the news we were staying at home. So I'm faced with two weeks of three kids, all day, every day. The eldest two getting bored and then fighting. I'm a little over it and it's only 9.30am on the first day! I'm sure they don't enjoy watching me feed a baby either. I reckon if we can survive the next two weeks, well then we'll be able to get through anything.

I have to run as it's Winnie the Pooh's 36500th birthday and I've been invited to his party. I think it's going to be a long day...


  1. Oh - those newborns. They love to lull us into that false sense of security. Even experienced folk allow themselves to think 'maybe, just maybe, it might stay this way??'
    It's a wonderful thing they are so absolutely adorable.
    Best of luck with the holidays.
    I wish I lived close so I could take my spoilt child and yours somewhere (like, not your house!) for the day. They could compare airline stories!!
    Happy birthday (again) Pooh.

  2. What a shame I didn't take the girls on Sunday morning to The Smurfs... I was a day too early!
    See you when I get back. xx

  3. I always have a chuckle when those new parents say what a great baby they have in the first couple of weeks.

    On the days I have all 3 driving me crazy I think I must have been insane having another one but with time it has gotten easier and being stuck at home with them all day doesn't even phase me anymore. I never thought I'd say that.

    It gets better, promise. x

  4. Oh Corinne, I'm in awe of you right now. I so enjoy your posts at the moment, as I need this kind of honesty if I'm even going to consider having a third babe. Pretty much everything you've said here is how I imagine it would be. Those first few months are rough!
    Goosey's concert sounded adorable, must make your heart melt to watch.
    Sending you all the strength and patience possible to get you through these next couple of weeks with 3 children full time... that is tough going xo


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