Friday 23 September 2011

Newborn haze

I'm currently in that newborn haze. Broken sleep, changing multiple nappies, tied to the lounge feeding. It's all coming back to me. Walking around with a head that feels like it's stuffed with cotton wool. I'm used to sleep deprivation, but the newborn daze is unique. You can't hiss at them to go back to sleep in the wee hours, they can't tell you what's wrong. The outside world gets shut out for a while. You start to wonder if life will ever be the same again.

It's definitely easier third time round. Not so much time to focus or worry or obsess. You know this phase won't last, that a new phase will pop up before you know it. An easier phase, a harder phase.

I'm definitely not a good baby mum. I adore him and he's gorgeous, but I'm looking forward to the running around, talking phase. That's when I do better. Babies make me nervous. I'm making sure I do enjoy it more this time and soak it in, as I'm sure it will be the last time I do it. So excuse me while I go back to those milk drunk cuddles.


  1. Mmmmm, milk drunk cuddles, I do love those. I remember that cotton wool feeling too and how second time around, the knowledge that this phase would pass and it does get easier! Rest up and enjoy these precious days x

  2. I'm on my way love!!!!
    As long as you will come deal with the snotty pre~pubescent monster I have here!

    Wife Swap!!!!

  3. Cotton wool in your head is possibly the best analogy I've heard to describe that newborn haze!

    That's exactly what it felt like for me.

    Next time, I hope to be less anxious & trying to get everything 'perfect', because you're right ... It's a very short phase.

    Enjoy the drunk on milk cuddles :) xx

  4. Feeling for you, Corinne. We always broke it down into making the 6 week mark and then the next 6 weeks and then miraculously at about 12-14 weeks, their colic seemed to disappear overnight, they worked out night from day and settled into some *sort* of a routine. You're in my thoughts ☺. J x

  5. I enjoyed the feedings. It was the only time when it would be peaceful and to get a closer look at the little angel.

    To be able to kiss and touch and feed at the same time.

    enjoy your little blessings!

  6. You are so inspirational.
    I don't think you even realise the magnitude of the amazing job you are doing - and what you have been through.
    It warms the cockles of my heart to read that somebody I truly admire as a 'Wondermum' doesn't looove the bubby phase. Thank you for your honesty. I can so relate.

  7. Oh I so love this post Corinne. So much honesty in the description. In fact, reading this brings it all back with perfect clarity... and it almost makes me feel as nauseous as actually going through it ;o)
    I think you're incredible, I really do. It's you Mama's with 3 or more children who I aspire to and admire with all my heart. Thinking of you xo

  8. I don't envy you Corrine, this time was still so recent for me & I am not a fan of the newborn phase.

    I didn't mind the feeding as when my boob was shoved in their mouths was often the only time they were quiet!
    I hope it all goes smoothly for you all. x

  9. You are doing so well, newborn phase or not, considering the little guy decided to come meet you so soon! Enjoy those lovely bubba cuddles xx


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