Sunday 24 October 2010

Party time!

As promised, here are some pix from yesterday's fairy princess party. I think it was a great success. Last week, I decided to scale it back a bit and just have family and Lil-lil's best friends, which worked well as Lil was a little overwhelmed by the whole thing and I don't think she would have handled any more people very well (and it stopped me from being overwhelmed too). The cake didn't look too atrocious and actually tasted pretty good (buttercake with a rasberry swirl) – bonus!

It was a gorgeous, sunny day until 30 minutes before the party was due to start when it bucketed down, but it didn't dampen the party one bit. Lil-lil had a ball dancing, eating, playing and being the centre of attention, which is what it's all about. Last night as I tucked her into bed, she was already planning her 5th birthday!

Also, I must add that the person who was sick from eating too many lollies wasn't one of the kids – it was me. Whoops!


  1. soo very cute! what a great day.
    it does get a little overwhelming with too many people for the little ones & also us.
    happy birthday little fairy princess.

  2. Lovely pictures, the cake looks delicious!

  3. That looks like one blissfully happy party!

  4. Now that does look positively blissful - good idea on pulling back on the numbers. Looks like your gorgeous girl had a birthday to remember x

  5. The cake looks wonderful. Sounds like the birthday girl had a great time.

  6. The cake looks fantastic. The whole party sounded terriffic!

  7. Everything looks great.. i am sure it was one fab party.

  8. Happy Birthday Sweet Lily!
    What a beautiful fairy princess you made!
    (mmmm...and what a yummy looking cake!)


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